Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Countdown: Top 5 Innovative Features Explained

27 May 2012, 1:23 pm EDT By Johnny Wills Mobile & Apps

Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly the hottest smartphones in the whole range of Android devices that have ever been made. Pre-orders for the Android super phone have already topped 9 million and the launch date is just around the corner. Folks in Europe are preparing to get their hands on the Galaxy S3 on May 29 with a U.S. release scheduled soon thereafter.

Before the London's Unpacked event, Samsung promoted Galaxy S3 as a device that will make others fell as dumb as sheep. Now it is clear that why the Korean tech giant used an aggressive choice of words to publicize the Android super phone. The device is loaded up with some rare and innovative features that make it the smartest device.

Here are the top 5 innovative features of Samsung Galaxy S3 -

Wireless Charging

WebOS-based Palm Pre is the only device to offer the wire-free charging feature. However, the WebOS device is just about to share the top dog spot with Galaxy S3. Users will be able to charge up the phone from a distance of 1-2 meters from charging station. However, recent reports indicate that the official wireless charging kit for Galaxy S3 has been delayed till September.

Smart Stay

Smart Stay feature utilizes the front-facing camera to sense user's facial gestures. When the user is looking at the screen, the device makes sure that the screen is bright enough for optimized readability. On the other hand, when you look away from the phone, it will dim the screen in order to conserve more juice in the battery. Moreover, the new addition keeps the display from timing out as long as the user is looking at the screen.


Samsung's alternative to Apple Siri has arrived. It is one of the main attractions of the upcoming Samsung smartphone. Siri is facing its biggest biggest challenge from S-Voice, which can almost do anything that Siri does. You can call or text a friend, set reminder and check weather with S-Voice. You can even make S-Voice take a photo for you, something Siri can't do.

Pop-up Play

One of the greatest proof of Galaxy S3's wild power is Pop-up Play feature, which allows you to play video on the screen while carrying out other tasks simultaneously. Rending the video in a small thumbnail, you can drag and place it anywhere on the screen. Even when playing a HD video and 3D game simultaneously, you might never notice any lag in performance.

S Beam

S Beam is a NFC-based feature, which is much-like Android Beam feature. However, it gives higher data transfer speeds between two S Beam-optimized smartphones. A 5MB files get transferred within one second of establishing the connection. A movie file of size 1GB will take less than three minutes to transfer through S Beam.

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