5 Geeky Ways to Know Why iPhone is Better Than Google Pixel!

14 December 2016, 6:42 pm EST By Shena Golosino Mobile & Apps

Google is one the tech giant companies at present. It was already capable of producing other products such as the Google's Pixel, a smartphone. However, Apple's iPhone 7 has 5 perks compared to Google's Pixel.

According to US Pressform, iPhone 7's advantages could range from its hardware to software. Here are the 5 perks of Apple's flagship iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 this 2016:

Apple's software

Apple was able to introduce a new tool to iPhone users to address the reported battery issues of iPhone handsets. Some iPhone 6s owners were complaining about the sudden shut down of their phones.

Also, an iPhone could be a hotspot for a Mac laptop without needing to double-check it to your mobile settings. Once an iPhone is already set up as a hotspot, it will automatically be one of the available WiFi networks for Mac.

 iPhone's appearance

There are more available colors for the iPhone handsets compared with Pixel. Colors include silver, matte black, jet black, rose gold, and gold as well. On the other hand, Google's Pixel has only two choices of colors: the combination of black and silver and the blue one.

 iPhone's water resistance

Having a waterproof mobile handset will always be an amazing feature for any smartphone fanatic. This feature of iPhone 7 was created against water damage rather than being able to take photos underwater.

iPhone's dual-lens camera

According to Business Insider, iPhone 7 has a second lens which let users zoom in to whatever degree, without having a low image quality. It can also be used together with the primary lens to have a blurry background with a subject on focus. It's like having a handy DSLR camera!

 iPhone's iOS is better than Android

The iPhone's iOs has a more classic operating system. It appears to be so premium for its users. Meanwhile, Google has not yet acknowledged other issues of Pixel from its users.

Overall, there may always be good and not so good features of a gadget. It's all up to one's desires.

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