Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drain Issue: Reasons and Solution

30 June 2012, 10:21 am EDT By Johnny Wills Mobile & Apps

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one smartphone that the whole Android world is referring to as “iPhone killer”. However, the recently figured battery drain issue seems have taken out some of the awesomeness of Samsung’s latest flagship model. But there’s nothing to worry as developers have found a way to fix the issue.

The international version of Samsung Galaxy S3 is found to consume more battery in standby than it was supposed to do. This sounds like a serious issue. However, folks at XDA forums have found that it is "miscalculation of power used rather than the actual power usage".

Cell Standby feature is found to be the reason behind the unexpected murder of battery life. According to some developers, Cell Standby drain value in framework-res.apk file is mistakenly set to 34 mA, instead of 3.4 mA. Setting the value 10 times higher results in 50 to 70 present more battery consumption in effected Galaxy S3 smartphones.

Updating the "power_profile.xml" file in framework-res package solves the problem. Samsung's OTA update for Galaxy S3 is the ideal solution to solve the issue. However, Samsung is yet to acknowledge on the issue. As a result, Galaxy S3 owners have to solve the issue manually.

In case you are also facing similar situation, here are steps to solve the problem (only for rooted smartphones).

  •  Download the updated file (510kb) from MediaFire.
  •  Put the file on microSD card or internal storage.
  •  Reboot your phone into ClockWork Mod (CWM) Recovery mode.
  •  Choose "Install zip from sdcard" and select the downloaded file.
  •  Reboot your smartphone.

The problem is not widespread and the impact is minimal. U.S. users can use their Galaxy S3 without any worries as LTE variant of Galaxy S3 is not affected by the issue.

Samsung has not yet confirmed the problem. However, we recommend you to wait until Samsung releases its second OTA (over-the-air) update for Galaxy S3.

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