NES Classic Edition Hack: Here's How To Add More Games

10 January 2017, 4:00 am EST By Cores Grace Malaay Mobile & Apps

It's not too long ago when the ever infamous NES Classic Edition was released globally and now it appears to be hacked adding a lot of Nintendo Entertainment System games that used not to be supported and featured in its default lineup. The used to be 30 games has been added with new homebrewed titles.

According to Tech Crunch, the hacking has surfaced in a Russian retro gaming community forum GBX through a YouTube video with step-by-step instructions. The subreddit NESClassicMods has picked up on it immediately and boldly exposed their devices to the code successfully and it's obviously not an easy-peasy process.

Some titles added to the NES Classic Edition are "River City Ransom," "Bucky O'Hare" and two entries from Capcom's Mega Man series, which brings the total number of supported games to 60 from the usual 30. The "Super Mario Bros. 3," "Legend of Zelda," "Kirby's Adventure" among others are included in the 30 built-in games on the most sought-after plug-and-play console that was released in November 2016.

A Japanese hacker Honeylabs had successfully made the NES Classic Edition to recognize an SD card reader, which makes modding more possible in the future and these hackers have both released tools letting users to hack their own consoles. There are limited numbers of games that have been checked with the console but there's no assurance that these will work (at least that easy) on the console as these are not meant for inclusion in the built-in games on the device.

The process comprises of booting the Linux-based NES to the FEL mode, then hacking the kernel and injecting ROM files through the use of a special tool and a GUI has been created as well as tutorials. There are two ways - the long way and the easy way (but riskier), according to BGR and it has the full step-by-step process on how to add games in the console but be aware that doing so can brick your NES Classic Edition. So please proceed at your own risk.

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