‘FIFA 17’: Fans Bothered By Virtual Lionel Messi’s Blonde Hair Color; EA Asked To Fix Issue In Next Update

10 January 2017, 9:22 pm EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

"FIFA" 17 fans are calling the attention of EA Sports regarding one of the most important issues in the game,  Lionel Messi's hair color, that is. Fans would like EA to fix Lionel Messi's hair in the next update from blonde to Messi's natural hair color, brown.

Though the Barcelona and Argentina superstar does not have the highest overall rating on EA Sports' latest rendition of their immensely popular video game, his statistics are still terrifying. Messi has reportedly 86 for passing, 96 for dribbling, 89 for pace and 90 for shooting. It shows that if players have Messi on their team, they usually have 50% chance of winning the game regardless how tough their opponent is.

However, there is one thing that is bothering certain "FIFA 17" players about the virtual Messi. It seems that it is a huge deal for them since they have created a special thread on Reddit.

They have been expressing that they are bothered about Messi's hair remaining blonde on the game. One Reddit user wrote, "This is really the main Issue. Ignore lag, bugs and broken mechanics this shit is important".

The Argentine shocked the world when he revealed his new blonde hair last summer. As per Messi's statement with Metro, he said that dyeing represented him as starting from scratch once again, following a missed penalty that cost his country last year's Copa America final.

He even announced his decision to quit international football after that. He eventually decided to return his hair to its natural brown color as the Barcelona ace bounced back following a string of impressive performances.

Meanwhile fans hope that EA will provide an update. The developer recently gave Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho an updated barnet, changing his old afro for his new "hipster" side parting. Apparently, EA often listens to its community regarding issues such as this. So, players may expect changes with a new update soon.

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