‘Final Fantasy VII’ News & Updates: More Playable Character Deaths Originally Planned, Reveals Game Directors

11 January 2017, 12:33 am EST By Athena Dee Mobile & Apps

"Final Fantasy VII" is quite famous for having one of the most unforgettable death scenes in video game history. The death of Aerith Gainsborough in Sephiroth's hands left many "FF7" gamers shaking.

Now, it has been revealed that the game could have actually turned into an absolute bloodbath, if only its directors had their way. According to Square's visual director, Tetsuya Nomura, "Final Fantasy VII" director Yoshinori Kitase wanted to "kill everyone off but the final three characters the player chooses." If Kitase got what he wanted for the game, all of the characters would have died when they parachuted into Midgar.

According to Nomura, the game's theme was "life." "We sacrificed Aerith in order to give weight and depth to that theme," he said, according to Polygon. "Her death is a tragedy." He then added that if they went with the impulse of killing off every single in-game character, they would have diluted the meaning of her death.

Nomura then continued that video game players are used to character deaths within the game that they are playing. He pointed out that they can either press the reset button on their console and start all over again or simply revive the character.

"For that death to resonate, it needed to be an important character," Nomura added. "We thought killing off the heroine would allow players to think more deeply about that theme."

It is common knowledge to "Final Fantasy" gamers that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will feature some major changes. In addition to a much-improved combat system, Game Rant says that its backstory will change as well. This hints that characters who survived in the original game could die, and vice versa.

However, it must be noted that this sudden turn of events could become a problem for "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children," the franchise's CG film followup. Plus, the changes could create continuity issues with majority of the "Final Fantasy VII" spinoffs.

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