Razer's Project Valerie Is A 3 Screened Laptop Prototype That Is Not Built For Casual Gamers, Says Analyst

11 January 2017, 3:52 am EST By Ceage Sotto Mobile & Apps

Razer turned heads at CES 2017 when it unveiled a laptop that has three 17-inch displays. The company's Project Valerie prototype aims to change how gaming laptops are designed. Curious onlookers were wondering how powerful the device is. Luckily for Vlad Savov of The Verge, he was able to test it with "Battlefield 1."

According to his post, there were two Project Valerie prototypes presented at CES 2017. One demonstrates the laptop's full performance albeit an unfinished shell, while the other shows what the actual laptop would look if Razer decides to sell it to consumers.

Vlad tried out the performance prototype, which has screens slightly ahead of the main show piece. According to his post, the added screens did add another layer of game detail not featured in single screen gaming laptops. He added that the screen provided him a reference visual where he can locate the source of enemy gunfire. The prototype 3 screened laptop can run "Battlefield 1" at 12K resolution with ultra high settings without any lag. The framerates were also very smooth.

He also noted that this setup could benefit games like the "Mass Effect" series due to the game's impressive scenery. It adds a new level of immersion for gamers to at least appreciate when taking a quest in the game's environment "Skyrim" style.

Sadly, this immersion also takes away focus when you are playing fast paced games like "Battlefield 1." In this case, gamers that play first-person shooting games would have to focus on a single screen.

At this point, having three 17-inch screens is more of a luxury than an actual need. Although there was no price indicated for Razer's Project Valerie rig, participants at CES are sure that it would cost them big bucks if ever the company mass produces the gaming laptops.

In Savov's view, the three-screened laptop might not be a good pitch for some gaming enthusiasts. The first point of having a gaming laptop is the ability to conveniently bring it anywhere. Project Valerie's bulk is not intended for mobility at all. Afterall, Razer's Blade Pro is already a perfect machine.

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