Ceage Sotto

Nintendo Switch Launch: 3 Games Worth Checking Out Besides 'Zelda' During The Console Launch On March 3

After months of constant teasing and a ton of gameplay footage, Nintendo Switch will finally be out on March 3.

Ceage Sotto

'For Honor' Guide: Why Spending Steel For Equipment At The Start Of The Game Is Not A Good Idea

Starting "For Honor" by spending Steel to buy equipment might not be a good idea.

Ceage Sotto February 22, 2017

'Tales' Series Producer Leaves Bandai Namco To Create Bloodless & Less Violent RPG For Square Enix

Hideo Baba takes his talents to Square Enix's Studio Isolia To create a less violent RPG called "Project Prelude Rune."

Ceage Sotto February 22, 2017

'Grand Theft Auto 6' Might Return To Liberty City According to Hip Hop DJ Who Will Guest Star In The Game

DJ Whoo Kid states that he is about to be in a new "GTA" game "that takes place in New York."

Ceage Sotto February 15, 2017

'Dark Souls 3' Guide: How To Beat The Ancient Wyvern With Plunging Attack

With a bit of luck and persistence, you can definitely beat this bad-ass Wyvern and take a large number of souls.

Ceage Sotto February 14, 2017

'Super Mario Run' Gold Bowser Statue Now Available As Reward; Platinum Coins 101 & How To Get Gold Mario Statue

Nintendo has announced the Gold Bowser Statue's availability as a My Nintendo reward for "Super Mario Run."

Ceage Sotto February 14, 2017

'Hollow Knight' Might Be This Year's Best Looking 2D Indie Game; Set To Be Released On PC & Nintendo Switch [Watch]

Enter the world of Team Cherry's "Hollow Knight."

Ceage Sotto February 13, 2017

Skyrim Special Edition Builds: The Daggerfall Knight Modded Build

The Dagger Fall Knight is one of the builds that hardcore "Skyrim" fans might one to check out.

Ceage Sotto February 13, 2017

'GTA 6' Could Be Released In 2018: Dan Houser Hints Of A Possible Female Lead Character

Taking some excerpts from The Guardian's Q and A session with Dan Houser, here's what we know so far for "GTA's" next chapter.

Ceage Sotto February 12, 2017

'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' Delayed Again; Release Moved To Between April 2017 to March 2018

Ubisoft told reporters that it is slated to arrive between April 2017 to March 2018.

Ceage Sotto February 10, 2017

Watch Ex-POTUS Barack Obama Dunk, Dime & Cross Over Other NBA Players In This 'NBA 2K17' Video

A YouTuber has recently created the former president's likeness to star in "NBA 2K17."

Ceage Sotto February 10, 2017

'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' Guide: How To Get Mephala's Ebony Blade [Watch]

One of the rarest weapons in Skyrim is the "Ebony Blade." Here's how to get it.

Ceage Sotto February 10, 2017

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Orb Hack: Why Hacks Are Not A Good Idea; Hack Allegedly Gives Players 99,999 Orbs

"Fire Emblem Heroes" hack allegedly lets players earn 99,999 orbs.

Ceage Sotto February 9, 2017

'Exile Election' 6th Character Trailer Introduces Miori Himeno: Here Are The Things We Know So Far

"Exile Election" has 13 characters and so far six video character teasers have been revealed.

Ceage Sotto February 9, 2017

'Diablo 3' Transmogrification Guide: How To Get 'The God Butcher' & 'Lachdanan's Stormshield' Transmog

Here are the easy steps to get "The God Butcher" & "Lachdanan's Stormshield" Transmog in less than 30 minutes.

Ceage Sotto February 9, 2017

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