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Apple Is Set To Dominate The Luxury Watch Market: Movado & Other Luxury Watchmakers Turn To Google For Help

Iconic watchmaker Movado is banking on the latest version of Google's Android Wear.

Ceage Sotto March 10, 2017

Facebook Gets Flakked After Failing To Remove Sexualized Images Of Children: Network Launches Snapchat Stories Clone

A group of British parliamentarians questions Facebook after failing to remove graphic content.

Ceage Sotto March 9, 2017

Tatsumi Kimishima Said That Nintendo Is Doing Its Best To End NES Classic Edition Shortage

Nintendo is doing their best to avoid supply shortages of the NES Classic Edition in the future.

Ceage Sotto March 9, 2017

Apple Lagging Behind In Smart-Home Market, Needs Answer To Amazon Echo & The Google Home Device

Tech giant Apple is losing against Amazon and Google's Alphabet on smart-home products.

Ceage Sotto March 9, 2017

Microsoft’s Major Nelson Announces This Week's Xbox Live Gold Deals

Microsoft has revealed this week's Xbox Live Gold digital deals for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Ceage Sotto March 9, 2017

While Waiting For Season 3 People Have Painted A 'Rick & Morty' Themed House In Brighton, England

The people of Brighton, England did something creative to soothe their anticipation. They've managed to paint a house to pay homage to 'Rick and Morty.'

Ceage Sotto March 6, 2017

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Alternatives That's Worth The Investment Including A Hybrid Handheld PC

Three of the best and cheapest Nintendo Switch alternatives available in the market today.

Ceage Sotto March 6, 2017

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Rumored Direction Receives Negative Reactions: PC Port For The Game Is Closer To Reality

Despite gaining momentum ahead of its release, "Red Dead Redemption 2" is having fan issues.

Ceage Sotto March 4, 2017

Oculus Rift's $600 Touch Bundle Includes An Impressive Shooting Game With Good Reviews Called 'Robo Recall'

"Robo Recall" gives gamers a glimpse of the future of VR gaming.

Ceage Sotto March 3, 2017

HTC Improves The Vive's Ergonomics With New Audio Strap: Reviews Say The Accesorry Is a Big Improvement

HTC is keeping up with their promise of providing improved ergonomics for the Vive.

Ceage Sotto March 3, 2017

Months Before Its Biggest Reveal Xbox One Project Scorpio Just Added Another Blockbuster Game To Its List

Microsoft's powerful gaming console, Xbox One Project Scorpio, has added another title before its release.

Ceage Sotto March 1, 2017

Peter Moore Is Leaving EA For A Post At Liverpool FC: 'FIFA 18' Will Continue Story Mode With The Journey 2

Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore is leaving his post to take on a new role in an England Football Club.

Ceage Sotto February 28, 2017

'Diablo 3' Is Losing Its Players: Lack Of Content & Direction Triggers Former Fans Into Playing 'Path Of Exile' While Waiting for 'Diablo 4'

Blizzard's reluctance on "Diablo 4" might cause years of the company's ARPG dominance.

Ceage Sotto February 28, 2017

The Smach Z: Ultimate Nintendo Switch Alternative Hopes To Appeal To Gamers When It's Released In May

The Smach Z promises to bring PC gaming on a handheld console, a first from the world of high-tech gaming.

Ceage Sotto February 27, 2017

Return To Drangleic Is Now Live: Revisit 'Dark Souls 2' With Active Online Servers For PvP and Co-op Action

FromSoftware's and Bandai Namco's "Dark Souls 2" is making a multiplayer comeback through a community event.

Ceage Sotto February 27, 2017

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