Facebook Gets Flakked After Failing To Remove Sexualized Images Of Children: Network Launches Snapchat Stories Clone

9 March 2017, 1:53 pm EST By Ceage Sotto Mobile & Apps

A group of British parliamentarians questions Facebook after failing to remove graphic content. The network allegedly failed to remove sexualized images of children according to reports. England's Culture, Media, and Sports Select Committee were already planning to question FB.

The committee will now expand its investigation into the pressing matter. This is after they agreed to question Facebook executives in their fake news inquiry. According to Guardian, the proceedings will likely happen after Easter.

A BBC report revealed that 18 out of the 100 flagged images were removed after using Facebook tools. The social media giant explicitly bars sexualized images of children. However, moderators seem to have failed in flagging down the 82 remaining images. Included posts were found in groups aimed at men with an interest in child sexual abuse. The items also include stolen images of real children with obscene comments.

The network did report to the police after BBC provided them with the images. Damian Collins did respond by saying the network's actions as "extraordinary." Collins is the chair of the committee under the British House of Commons.

In other news, Facebook recently introduced a new feature of its Messenger app. The Messenger Day allows users to show what's going on in your day as part of their status. It provides an easy one-swipe access to your phone camera to take a photo or video of what's going on around you. It officially the network's own version of Snapchat stories.

Users can opt to send it to a friend or add it to their story which shows up at the top of the Messenger home screen. Facebook also allows them to filter people that can see the story. Each of the photo or videos will then be deleted after a 24-hour cycle. Stay tuned for updates.

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