Nintendo Switch eShop Goes Live With Nine Games Including 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'; eShop Doesn't Have Music

Nintendo has made the Nintendo Switch eShop available launching with nine games but it appears that there is no featured background music.

nintendo March 3, 2017

Nintendo Classic Mini NES Stock Update: Shortage May End Soon, As Amazon, Tesco And Retailers Reflect New Stocks

Nintendo Classic Mini NES stock update shows that shortage may end soon, as retailers reflect the availability of new stocks.

nintendo March 3, 2017

‘VOEZ’ Rayark Mobile Rhythm Game Coming to Nintendo Switch, Featuring New Songs; Pricing Details & Release Date Revealed

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed its online preview of Flyhigh Works and Rayark’s famous rhythm game, “VOEZ.” This game was first launched on Android and iOS and now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

nintendo February 26, 2017

Nintendo Fans Aren't Happy From The Fished Out Trash Item Named 'NIN64' In 'Nier: Automata'

A trash item named "NIN64" is found on "Nier Automata" that sparked disappointment for Nintendo fans because they claim that the item is a direct reference to the console.

nintendo February 26, 2017

NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Amazon Third-Party Retailers Drops Price for the Console; Stocks Now Available on Amazon at $150

The NES Classic Edition is now available on Amazon with the listing price of $150.

nintendo February 25, 2017

'Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild': Limited Edition Unboxing Video [VIDEO]

Nintendo has just posted an unboxing video about a limited edition "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".

nintendo February 24, 2017

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Latest News & Update: New Easter Egg Event Kicks Off March 2017 [VIDEO]; Details Here!

A new "Pokemon Sun And Moon" Easter Egg event is just around the corner. The event organized exclusively for Japanese fans is slated to continue for an entire month.

nintendo February 24, 2017

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update: Free Orbs Up for Grabs This Week! Special Event Reveals New Weapon Mastery Quest & Maps

Nintendo launches special event for "Fire Emblem Heroes." Tons of free orbs await players until Feb. 27.

nintendo February 24, 2017

NES Classic Mini Stock Update: Target, Argos, and Amazon Have Limited Availability

Nintendo NES Classic Mini console stocks are back with a few retailers. Target, Argos, and Amazon have possibly stocked up a limited quantity of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini consoles once again.

nintendo February 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch User ID is a Must Before the Console Arrives in March; Here's How to Register Now

Nintendo Switch users are required to register for a Nintendo Account ID for a smoother and more secure online service.

nintendo February 22, 2017

‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ DLC Update: Here’s What Nintendo Has To Say About The Paid Expansion Pass

Nintendo defends DLC Expansion Pass For “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.”

nintendo February 22, 2017

Square Enix, Sony and Nintendo Must Collaborate To Launch 'Final Fantasy XIV' Nintendo Switch Version

'Final Fantasy XIV' producer Naoki Yoshida said that for an 'FFXIV' Nintendo Switch version to happen, Nintendo must agree on a cross-platform play with Sony.

nintendo February 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch Shipped Early By Mistake, Switch Features Leaked Online [video]

A Nintendo Switch game console was allegedly shipped earlier than the March 3 official release day by mistake.

nintendo February 17, 2017

Recent 'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update Will Not Implement Planned Energy Requirement Changes

The recent 'Fire Emblem Heroes' update did not implement the changes in stamina or energy requirement that Nintendo planned to implement in the game.

nintendo February 16, 2017

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Introduces 4 New Heroes: Seliph, Julia, Eirika & Ephraim; Announces Upcoming Changes

As new heroes are introduced, new missions and summons are on, as well, for players to conquer.

nintendo February 16, 2017

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