‘Pokémon Stars’ Nintendo Switch Release Leaked: Everything To Know About ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Third Version [VIDEO]

A version of "Pokemon Sun & Moon", codenamed as "Pokemon Stars", on Nintendo Switch leaks have gained more momentum from new sources.


NES Classic Edition: ThinkGeek Clients Can Get Console Through ‘Game Of Chance’

ThinkGeek just gave "a few hundred" NES Classic Edition units for its contest winners.


Michael Pachter Expects Nintendo Switch to Sell 8 Million Units at Launch; Pricing & Lack of Third-Party Support Might Cause Sales to Slow Down

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter measures just between 6 to 8 million Nintendo Switch units will sell upon launch though it might still grow exponentially on days thereafter.


Nintendo Switch Update: Could The Console Be Nintendo's Entry Into Esports?

Nintendo Switch trailer has indicated an updated stance in the company's position over Esports. However, it is a known fact that Nintendo has never been a great fan of international competitive gaming events.

nintendo January 23, 2017

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' News: German USK Logo In Nintendo Switch Packaging Enrages BOTW Fans

Now German fans are looking into buying “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” in France or UK.

nintendo January 23, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Prices Drop Online; Nintendo Switch To Face Similar Problems In Shortage?

Online prices for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition have dropped, as the Japanese gaming company promises to resolve its stock issues. Many fans worry that the Nintendo Switch will face similar issues upon its release in March.

nintendo January 23, 2017

Nintendo Confirms End of Wii U; 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Is the Final Title for the Console

After more than four years since its release, Wii U is at the end of its life.

nintendo January 22, 2017

Nintendo Switch and Games’ Prices Cut In UK; 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Now Cheaper [VIDEO]

Before the said launch of some Nintendo Switch games, its prices started getting discounts especially in the United Kingdom.

nintendo January 21, 2017

NES Classic Edition on Sale Now at ThinkGeek but You'll Have to Win a Chance to Buy It; Here's How to Join

ThinkGeek has the NES Classic Edition in-stock now and you can buy one if you are lucky enough to win the contest.

nintendo January 20, 2017

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide To Catching Rare Pokemon Until The Release Of Pokemon Bank

This "Pokemon Sun and Moon" guide shows where to catch rare Pokemon until Nintendo releases the update for the Pokemon Bank.

nintendo January 20, 2017

How & Where to Buy the Nintendo Classic Edition

There are many options where to buy the Nintendo Classic Edition, which has been out of stocks since its November 2016 release.

nintendo January 20, 2017

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Tips On Hatching Eggs Faster

Here is a guide on how to hatch eggs faster in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

nintendo January 20, 2017

Naugthy Dog is Confident that Nintendo Switch Will Do Great, Game Developers to Take On Nintendo Soon

Nintendo Switch is set to do great - is the bold forecast of Naughty Dog programmer and former PlayStation 4 hardware engineer Drew Thaler.

nintendo January 19, 2017

Youtuber Creates 'Super Mario Odyssey' Trailer, 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Style

"Super Mario Odyssey" trailer is out and since Mario is already in the city, a Youtuber has decided to mash it with "GTA IV" with amazing results.

nintendo January 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Joy-Con Controllers To Cost $29.99

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Joy-Con Controllers To Cost $29.99. Check this out for more details!

nintendo January 19, 2017

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