Nintendo Switch Latest News: A Gamer Made His Nintendo Switch Work For VR

An interesting claim surfaced on the web recently about a Nintendo Switch owner using the hybrid console and made a VR.

nintendo May 1, 2017

Nintendo 2DS XL Release Date, Features, Price & Other Details [VIDEO]

Nintendo has randomly announced the new 2DS XL, demonstrating their commitment to the hand-held market.

nintendo April 29, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Latest Stock Update: Elusive Retro Console Available At Best Buy Today

The elusive retro console of Nintendo, the NES Classic Edition is available starting today at Best Buy, however, since the stocks are always running out, gamers should check the store as soon as possible.

nintendo April 25, 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Company Sets New Records With Switch & Zelda

Nintendo recently set a new world record for being the best-selling game console of all time, while "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" nabbed the best-selling title award.

nintendo April 22, 2017

NES Classic Edition Latest News & Updates: List Of Stores That Regularly Update Their Stocks

For buyers who are still looking for retailers to source their NES Classic Edition, you can check out our latest article on the latest update about the elusive retro console.

nintendo April 11, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Update: More Stocks Are Coming Says President

Another good news for Nintendo NES Classic Edition as Nintendo president said more stocks are coming soon.

nintendo April 6, 2017

Warped Nintendo Switch Console Might Be Caused By Prolonged Dock Mode & Heat

Factory defect or prolonged dock mode? These are the questions thrown by Nintendo Switch owners after discovering warped consoles

nintendo April 3, 2017

The Truth About PC Emulators & The Rumored Nintendo Switch Emulator

The Nintendo Switch emulator looks promising but it's reportedly another fake.

nintendo April 3, 2017

Nintendo Switch Stocks Issue Resolved; Restocking Of NES Classic Edition Starts

The elusive stocks of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo NES Classic Edition have been resolved, while Best Buy started restocking and will sell NES limited stocks online starting March 29.

nintendo March 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Hybrid Console Will Have Problems With Supply, Says Gamestop

GameStop executive predicted that with the recent demand for the hybrid console, it is most likely that the device will have supply problems for the entire year.

nintendo March 28, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Stock Shortages Are Looming Despite Reassurance From Company Boss

Despite a previous assurance given by Nintendo, the NES Classic Mini has once again run out of stocks.

nintendo March 27, 2017

'Super Mario Run' Is Finally Available For Android Devices: App Set To Launch On March 23

Finally, Android users will now be able to play "Super Mario Run."

nintendo March 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Hybrid Console Has Several Issues At Launch; Dead Pixels; Joy-Con Desync Issues & More

The recent release of Nintendo Switch have all the people in the gaming community talking about, this, however, does not only include good things, several issues have been reported too.

nintendo March 13, 2017

Tatsumi Kimishima Said That Nintendo Is Doing Its Best To End NES Classic Edition Shortage

Nintendo is doing their best to avoid supply shortages of the NES Classic Edition in the future.

nintendo March 9, 2017

Nintendo Switch eShop Goes Live With Nine Games Including 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'; eShop Doesn't Have Music

Nintendo has made the Nintendo Switch eShop available launching with nine games but it appears that there is no featured background music.

nintendo March 3, 2017

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