'Dead Rising 4' Key Locations For Lockers & Bunkers In Willamette Memorial Megaplex

11 January 2017, 6:10 am EST By Hemal Vora Mobile & Apps

Players can hide blueprints and other stuff while playing Dead Rising in lockers and bunkers. Players will need "Dead Rising 4" keys to open these cabinets and bunkers that are scattered across various locations on the map. Players will be able to hold all the blueprints, the rare items they find in the game, and other cool stuff that will be useful for their quest for survival. Whenever a player finds a secure key, a blue circle marking the location of the lock will appear on the map, as reported by PC Powerplay. 

Some of the key locations In Willamette Memorial Megaplex

Recent reports give out the list of all the locations where players can find "Dead Rising 4"  keys in Willamette Memorial Megaplex. The locations are;

  • Go towards the Carribean cove's southern wall, reach the second floor by climbing the stairs and the Pirate's Catch Restaurant key will be on a dead body.
  • Baron Von Brathaus key is placed underneath the central table on the floor in the Medieval Town, Burger Fiefdom.
  • With Case, one player can go to the Megaplex Central Plaza where inside the military camp tent that is placed in front of the main entrance. The Obscuris key will be in the back-left tent, as reported by Segment Next.
  • Security Keycard can be found in the Quarantine Zone outside the Central Plaza, inside a room on the right next to the investigation area, on a desk.
  • Players can find a zom-B safe key at the Amazon food court inside the restroom at the Virago hotel.

Other Key Locations To Lock Blueprints

Similar to these above 5 locations, players can find their "Dead Rising 4" key in the Charms of Desire, Cruz Tanning, Synthetic Cosmetics, North Pole Town, Komodo, Max Dymond, Manskape Stylists, B. Reddy Insurance, White Rook and Class Jack's Antiques, in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex to safely lock their blueprints and other artifacts. 

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