'Scalebound' Xbox Exclusive Cancelled, Problems In Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform Seen.

11 January 2017, 12:20 pm EST By Jason Palmer Mobile & Apps

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft and Platinum Games has reportedly cancelled the Scalebound Xbox One exclusive project. The confirmed cancellation came as a surprise as the highly anticipated video game was just featured at E3 about 6 months ago.

In a statement that seemingly wants to divert the attention of the video game community from the Scalebound cancellation to the other video games under their Xbox line up, Microsoft has confirmed that it came up with a decision to end the production of Scalebound. Meanwhile, in the same statement, the tech company stated that it is working hard to produce an amazing line up of games for their avid video game fans. The announcement included Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and Halo Wars 2 as among the Xbox games to be launched by Microsoft this 2017.

No new information has surfaced as to why the Scalebound cancellation was resulted to aside from the two collaborating companies decided to pull out form the project entirely. The cancellation of the Xbox exclusive video game came as a surprise as Microsoft is in need of Xbox exclusives to be launched with its newest game console, the Xbox Scorpio.

A number of video game experts say that the cancellation may be a sign that there are problems with Microsoft's plan to launch video games that can be played with its two existing consoles and its to be released Xbox Scorpio. Platinum Games may have been placed in a dilemma on how to make cutting edge graphics for the Xbox Scorpio and yet to be able to launch the video game for the underpowered Xbox One. If there are indeed problems with the Universal Windows Platform project that Microsoft has been building up, Scalebound, may just be the first Xbox exclusive to be cancelled.

Microsoft and Platinum Games are both tightlipped about the cancellation. But Microsoft seems to ensure that video game fans immediately forget the cancelled Scalebound as it deletes any sign of the video game on its Youtube channel.

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