'Kingdom Hearts 3': Release Date News, Gameplay Footage At MAGIC On Feb. 18? Square Enix Reassures Xbox One Version

14 February 2017, 11:57 pm EST By JEV Mobile & Apps

Fans of "Kingdom Hearts 3" might hear a release date announcement and see a brand new gameplay footage in three days, if the recent rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, Square Enix has clarified the confusion that sparked recently online  that the JRPG won't be coming to Xbox One. 

Game director Tetsuya Nomura will be at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference (MAGIC) this coming February 18. This latest development has again prompted avid fans that Square Enix will make a huge announcement about the game's most awaited release.

But what could be equally exciting is that the developer will showcase a brand new gameplay footage. It would only be three days from now for fans to see whether this happens or not and they can cross their fingers that the day would finally come.    

In another recent update, "Kingdom Hearts 3" will still have an Xbox One version as confirmed by game developer Square Enix. This is contrary to widespread reports online that the game will no longer hit Microsoft's console upon its release.

This speculation arose when the Xbox One logo was taken down from the official website of the game. It then sparked rumors online that the game will come out as an exclusive title for PS4.

It is noted that "Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" was launched only to Sony's console. It is quite a relief for Xbox One users that the removal of the logo was purely a mistake.    

ICXM further noted that Square Enix has managed to put the logo back up on the game's website and reassured Xbox One fans to get their own copy of "Kingdom Hearts 3" once it is out.

So far, both gamers and pundits alike are playing a guessing game as to when exactly the conclusion to the trilogy will see its release. Express UK even reports that it looks like "Kingdom Hearts 3" will hit PS4 and Xbox One ahead of the PS4 timed exclusive "Final Fantasy 7 Remake". 

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