Latest 'Kingdom Hearts III' Info Revealed By Tetsuya Nomura Involves A Mid-Boss & The Keyblades Two Transformations

20 March 2017, 6:35 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps
Fans of "Kingdom Hearts III" got a glimpse of the game thanks to screenshots released by Square Enix.  ( TheGamersJoint/YouTube Screenshot )

Fans of "Kingdom Hearts III" got a glimpse of the game thanks to screenshots released by Square Enix. Many fans are understandably frustrated with the game's progress. The game was first revealed three years ago and fans are clamoring for the game's release.

Luckily, the sneak-peek images should be able to suffice fan frustration for a while. Most especially with Nomura's revelations about Sora's Keyblade and the game's revealed mid-boss.

Sora Versus The Gigantic Enemy Boss

One of the recently released screenshots showed Sora battling against a gigantic enemy. Online fanfare and rumors alleged that it was a depiction of one of the game's boss battles.

Surprisingly, the speculation was partly true, with Tetsuya Nomura confirming the news. According to Famitsu, the game director said that the enemy seen in the screenshot is a "Rock Troll."

Judging from its gigantic appearance it could be one of the game's main bosses, but that is not the case. Nomura told Famitsu that it's a mini boss or a mid-boss. The director added that although it's only a mid-boss, battling the "Rock Troll" is not a regular battle.

Key Details About Sora's Keyblade

In a post by Gematsu, Nomura reportedly detailed important info about the Keyblade. In an interview at MAGIC 2017, he shared the weapon's two transformation patterns.

Interestingly, Sora's main weapon could alternatively turn into a bazooka or a crossbow. The Japanese game director added that the transformation will rely on certain aspects.

The transformations will depend on the attack and defense mode that Sora will use in the game. Nomura added that the modes are like the Keyblade that transforms into tank and shield. "There is not always a division of attack and defense," according to the game director.

The sad news is, Square Enix has not confirmed the release date of "Kingdom Hearts 3." Nonetheless, Sora's new exploits will be worth the wait, hopefully, it will not be a long one.

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