PlayStation 4 Latest Guide: Network Problem Fix; Resolve Connection Issues After The 4.50 Update Roll Out

18 March 2017, 1:26 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

The most recent and one of the major update released for PlayStation is the 4.50 update. However, this update aside from bringing massive changes to the console also created network issues giving troubles to those who connect to the Internet using WiFi routers.

There were several reports claiming that problems about getting no network connectivity as well as lag when playing games online were raised. In addition, there are users complaining that they encountered an error message saying incorrect password when, in fact, they had entered the correct one. Some others reported to having received an error code NW-31297-2.

Slash Gear reported that Sony does not appear to have approved that the recent is the root cause of the issue. Users are already complaining about getting cold shoulders with these reported issues from the tech support. Sony's tech support as claimed by several users has advised them to contact their internet providers, which is a clear indication of them not acknowledging that the issue has stemmed from the latest update.

The simplest and easiest fix to this prevalent problems is just to connect the PlayStation through ethernet. This process requires using Ethernet cable. This cable must be connected to the back of PlayStation 4, and to the ports on the router. You can refer to the PS Manual for a more detailed instruction on how to do this.

Although connecting through ethernet is the reliable and easier way to restore network connectivity to your PS4, however, it is not a solution for everybody. There were actually several users who cannot connect directly to the router because of its location from their console, as to this, they are only using Wifi. You can disable 802.11 N and use B/G only. You can check the users manual or try searching the Internet on how to access the configuration menu.

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