'EastEnders' Shocker: Michelle Fowler Love Interest Revealed as Young Nathan

14 February 2017, 5:50 pm EST By Rommel Mobile & Apps

"EastEnders" revealed a surprise when they introduced the new love interest of the main character, Michelle Fowler, in its latest episode. At first, the show presents her old flare with Kelvin Carpenter, which turned out to be a blowout as she waited for him in a bar. What happened next and how the young love interest was introduced really surprised everyone.

"EastEnders'" Michelle Fowler, played by Jenna Russell, decided to call it a night as Jay Brown, played by Jamie Borthwick, invited her for some drinks. Michelle said: "You wouldn't want me ruining your style so I will just finish this one and then go home." But, she saw a new resident whose name is Nathan, played by Jamie Know. She asked: "Have we met? Must have seen you around."

She attempted to start a conversation with the young guy and further the chat even to the lengths of asking the barman to give her the drinks that Nathan and his friend were having. However, her plan did not work as she put her flirting way to another level. She dropped another line: "Do you think they do cocktails to take away?" To which, Nathan responded: "Is this your way to invite me to your house?"

Michelle pushed her luck and said: "Yours is probably better." Jay, unhappy as he seems, protested saying Michelle is just drunk and that Nathan is half of her age. He asks Michelle to leave now. Nathan pointed out the age gap between them, Michelle felt insulted and blushed. Nathan lives just blocks away from Carmel Kazemi's teasing he could be a bit impulsive in the next scenes.

According to Express, the next scene unfolds and Nathan was just outside the Minute Mart store passing by the market stalls as the EastEnders bus crash disaster last month. Carmel pointed out that Nathan has been throwing their trash in front of her house. The youngster responded that their bins are full. Carmel exploded but Nathan pushed her even further saying it isn't that big of a deal. Carmel shouted at him telling him not to do it anymore.

As per the Mirror article, "EastEnders" seem to be heading in a very interesting direction with this new development on Michelle Fowler's character. Still, the inclusion of the young Nathan will surely spice up the series in a good way. Is Nathan character going to be the new wrecking ball that will plummet "EastEnders" to higher ratings? Check out the preview of this BBC series here:

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