'Nioh' Tips & Tricks: Strategy For A Forever Charged Living Weapon Using Soul Stones [VIDEO]!

16 February 2017, 7:30 am EST By Catherine G. Mobile & Apps

Gamers are extremely smart in finding easy solutions for massive problems (and missions) in a game. "Nion" players have been able to devise yet another way for making their boss fights a little simple and easy.

The game "Nioh" offers a wide range of features and skills in each of the weapon trees in the game. It also gives the players many ninja options to be deployed in the game. Also popular are the Onmyo options available in "Nioh" gameplay. Since there are 'n' number of ways of using these weapons, skills, and options, there are numerous combinations of using them.

These combinations also have different effects on the enemies in the game. In this manner, the end effect of these skills and powers is not easy to predict. Previously, many talismans and moves, including the Sloth Talisman, have been demonstrated in the game. "Nioh" players have depicted the effect these moves have on bosses and other enemies in the game. Recently, another tactic has emerged in the game and changes the gameplay a bit.

This move has been demonstrated and recorded by YouTube user PowerPyx. It relies on Soulstones in the game to power charge the Living Weapon almost instantly. The Living Weapon, to remind the readers is used to repair the damage caused by previous attacks and prevents players from losing more of their health in subsequent attacks.

Consuming these Soulstones and other spirit stones in the game instantly charge up the Living Weapon in the game. However, the player should keep these magic stones ready in a good number so that their advantage can be used in a succeeding manner. Of course, a ready stock of Soul Stones may not be entirely possible as they are just randomly found in limited quantity during the gameplay.

Furthermore, they are also used by players to level up. For more such tips and tricks for "Nioh" and other popular games, keep browsing MobileNApps!

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