'Final Fantasy' Titles Are On Sale On PlayStation Store; Includes 'Final Fantasy XV' & The Classics

16 February 2017, 8:10 am EST By Nicole T. Mobile & Apps

Square Enix's "Final Fantasy" series won't actually be celebrating their 30th anniversary until December. However, the events, giveaways and various announcements they have for the titles of the franchise has already started in January. Now, they are having a big sale on PlayStation Store where players can get "Final Fantasy" titles for a discounted price.

According to GameZone, the PlayStation "Final Fantasy" sale includes a total of 28 pieces of content. This includes the games, the MMO's and the contents available for some of "Final Fantasy" series. Most of all, players can buy "Final Fantasy XV" and save 34%. That being said, "FFXV" can be purchased for only $39.59. Its original price was $59.99.

Other game titles of the "Final Fantasy" sale are "Final Fantasy VII," "Final Fantasy XIV Online," "Final Fantasy X/X-1 HD Remaster," "Final Fantasy XIII-2," "World of Final Fantasy" and more. There are also PSOne classics on sale such as "Final Fantasy VII," "Final Fantasy VIII" and "Final Fantasy IX." Fans can save up to 50% on these titles.

"Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Edition" is also available. It is now available with 50% discount, therefore it's $7.49 only from original price $14.99.

As said, DLCs are also available. The "Final Fantasy" PlayStation sale has "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" for only $9.99 compared to its original price $19.99. "Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition" is also on sale with 24% off. Its original price is $84.99 but now it's only for $64.59.

Based on Cinema Blend's report, the reason why the standard package for "Final Fantasy XIV" is pricier at $19.79 compared to "A Realm Reborn" at $9.99 is because the standard package already has the latter plus "Heavensward. That being said, players can get it all for much less, compared to buying both the contents.

To know all of the discounted "Final Fantasy" contents available, players can head over to PlayStation Store. Of course, they can also buy these contents there.

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