V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Collapsible Headphones: Top Features, Price, Availability

16 November 2012, 12:58 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

V-Moda recently launched the Crossfade M-100 headphones "built for the people, by the people," offering a $300 accessory for music lovers.

V-Moda solicited feedback from more than 200 industry professionals, recording artists, DJs, and audiophiles in creating the M-100s, and the end result seems pleasing. The headphones feature dual inputs, large drivers, and plenty of customization options, promising a high-quality experience.


V-Moda's Crossfire M100 headphones are quite similar to the previous iteration, the V-Moda Crossfade LP. The ear cushions are roughly the same size, fitting comfortably over the ears. What's new, however, is that the M-100s are the first pair of collapsible headphones from V-Moda. The new headphones' large hinges have been MIL-STD-810G tested for durability, which means they can withstand heavy-duty use, but are discreetly concealed behind the brackets (below the V-Moda logo and the lower part of the headband.)

The dual-input feature, meanwhile, means that users can plug the headphones in two different music sources at the same time. When only one source is plugged in, the V-cork seals on the headphones so that the air level remains balanced on both sides.

While the Crossfade M-100 was initially planned only in matte black metal, V-Moda eventually caved in to fans' requests and decided to make the headphones available in shadow as well, a black color scheme with blood-red accents similar to the True Blood editions of the V-Moda headphones.

The Crossfire M-100s come in V-Moda's heavy-duty exoskeleton case, and include a ¼-inch adapter, two audio cables, and V-cork seals. In addition, the headphones also come with a multitude of Kevlar-wrapped audio cords. A one-button mic cord is included as well, while a SharePlay audio cable will allow users to plug in a friend's headphones and share music via the integrated headphone splitter.

Additional options such as the boomPro mic cord for gamers, a Coil Pro cable, and others will also be available for purchase soon. Prices will be announced upon availability. For an extra $10, i.e. a total of $310, customers can also pre-order the headphones with customized side shields, which come with a pair of V-Moda Faders reusable earplugs.


While design is important, the most essential feature of any headphones is sound. The M-100s pack larger drivers than the M-80s, which should deliver cleaner bass, a smoother sound, and a very open sound stage, according to V-Moda. The M-100s deliver high clarity, which, while desirable, will also highlight any hissing or pops of a bad MP3.

Meanwhile, the V-Port V3 Airflow system, i.e. the little vents on the shields of the cups, help maximize the 3-D sound stage and minimize leakage. Blasting music at high volume will not disturb the person next to the user, and the cups are also efficient in blocking ambient noise.

Both the M-80s and the M-100s provide great sound quality, but the M-100 headphones are better in noisier environments. Overall, V-Moda's new Crossfire M-100s provide minimal sound leakage, deep and clear bass, excellent midrange and crisp range, for a reasonable $300 price tag.

The Crossfire M-100 headphones are available for pre-order on V-Moda's Web site, and the company says they will ship in time for the holidays.

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