Twelve South HiRise MacBook Stand Adds 'The Comfort Of Desktops' For $70

18 November 2012, 1:06 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Because a computer monitor should theoretically be situated at about eye-level for optimum ergonomics, Twelve South came up with the HiRise stand.

The HiRise stand for MacBooks is designed to elevate the device to the optimum height, thus addressing the ergonomic issue. The bottom of the stand looks very similar to the base of an iMac or Thunderbolt Display. The core of the HiRise, meanwhile, is a spring-loaded shaft that can be locked into place, allowing users to raise their MacBook up to half-a-foot off the desk.

The top of the stand has one single purpose: to hold the MacBook completely steady, with a slight tilt forwards. To ensure stability, the top of the stand has rubber treads. The forward tilt, meanwhile, makes it easier to work on documents or use other devices such as a tablet at the same time.

Raising a MacBook higher on the desk brings several advantages besides ergonomics, including ventilation. Because the laptop is not sitting directly onto a desk, more air can circulate around the body, which in turn helps reduce overall heat levels.

The HiRise stand also provides a more comfortable viewing angle, as well as improved compatibility with other screens users may keep close-by. Toggling between different computer screens is easier if they are at the same level, and HiRise can provide this functionality.

On the downside, however, the HiRise stand for MacBooks lacks a trackpad. Users who are accustomed to use a mouse with the MacBook will likely not be affected by the absence of a trackpad, but otherwise it can be slightly uncomfortable to directly manipulate the MacBook on top of the stand.

Another drawback for some may be the price tag of the HiRise stand. While other laptop stands such as the Griffin Elevator or the Belkin Zero cost $40 and $50, respectively, the HiRise comes with a $70 price tag. Those who don't mind spending a little extra can pick up the HiRise stand directly from Twelve South. The HiRise makes a HiRise for iMac as well, but the height adjustment is not flexible.

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