Nexus 4 Teardown By iFixit: A Peek Inside

19 November 2012, 10:09 am EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Google launched its latest smartphone the Nexus 4 which was sold out online in the U.S. and the UK within just an hour. The phone has been highly anticipated by smartphone enthusiasts and is expected to compete with other smartphones in the industry; however, many customers may want to know what the Nexus 4 houses inside, and teardown carried on by iFixit revealed plenty including a dormant LTE chip.

iFixit's teardown discloses that that the LG Nexus 4's battery is non-removable, on-board storage cannot be expanded using a microSD card, and users only get 3G and HSPA+ connectivity (no 4G LTE).

After removing the outer plastic casing iFixit found that the battery on the smartphone was pasted with adhesive, but every other component including the speaker assembly and the motherboard could be disassemble without a lot of effort.

iFixit noted some Nexus 4 highlights, which are as follows:

At 139 grams the Nexus 4 is slightly heavier when compared to its predecessor, which weighs 135 grams. The Nexus 4 measures 68.7 mm wide and 9.1 mm thick, which is both marginally wider and thicker than the original Nexus which was 67.9 mm wide and 8.9 mm thick.

A number of pressure contacts power the NFC antenna and connect the induction coil needed for wireless charging to the motherboard.

Screws keep the battery connector in place.

The Nexus 4 has four different-length screws with a total of 15 screws. Once the back cover and inner frame are removed, pressure contacts make all of the inner components in place.

The glass is fused to both the display and the display frame.

The smartphone is equipped with a 3.8 V, 2100 mAh battery.

The speaker enclosure in the Nexus 4 is kept in place with two screws and no cables. Spring contacts connect the speaker to the phone which makes it easier to remove.

iFixIt details the components on the motherboard as below:

  • Samsung K3PE0E00A 2 GB RAM. The Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz CPU lies underneath
  • Toshiba THGBM5G6A2JBA1R 8GB Flash
  • Qualcomm WTR1605L Seven-Band 4G LTE chip
  • Qualcomm MDM9215M 4G GSM/CDMA modem
  • SlimPort ANX7808 SlimPort Transmitter (HDMI output converter)
  • Invensense MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer)
  • Avago ACPM-7251 Quad-Band GSM/EDGE and Dual-Band UMTS Power Amplifier
  • Avago 3012 Ultra Low-Noise GNSS Front-End Module
  • Qualcomm PM8921 Power Management
  • Avago A5702, A5704, A5505
  • Qualcomm WCD9310 Audio Codec

The 4.7-inch WXGA IPS display with 1280 x 768 pixels resolution is made by LG Display. A Synaptics S7020A touchscreen controller ensures touch sensitivity on the smartphone.

iFixit scored the reparability of the Nexus 4: 7 out of 10 (10 being the easiest to repair).

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