BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Spotted At NBA Game

20 November 2012, 12:16 pm EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

Research In Motion (RIM) is expected to luanch its BlackBerry 10 line-up of smartphones in early 2013 and Thorsten Heins, RIM's CEO, and Andrew Bocking, RIM's SVP of Software Product Management were recently seen with at the LA Lakers/Phoenix Suns game. Both were carrying the all-touch BlackBerry 10 device.

Previously, RIM had announced that the company will launch the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system (OS) along with two smartphones at a press event on Jan. 30 next year.

"This day will mark the official launch of its new platform - BlackBerry 10, as well as the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Details on the smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event," said RIM (via MobileSyrup).

One of the pictures of the duo shows Andrew Bocking putting away his smartphone in a leather pouch with the bottom of the homescreen revealing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Foursquare apps.

"In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers innovative features combined with a best in class browser, a rich application ecosystem, and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities,' said Thorsten Heins.

Rumors indicate that BlackBerry will unveil a full touch device that will have a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and a QWERTY/touch device that will sport a display resolution of 720 x 720 pixels. However, it is not confirmed if these two devices will make their appearance at the January press event.

Around a decade ago BlackBerry boasted a strong presence in the smartphone market. Previous reports have indicated that before Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, BlackBerry devices accounted for one in every five mobiles sold. However, with stiff market competition coupled with a series of strategic and operational mistakes by RIM, the company lost its hold in the smartphone industry.

In recent years, the Canadian smartphone maker has lost a hefty chunk of its market share to other players like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia et al.

The million dollar question that piques the mind is if the launch of the BlackBerry 10 devices will turn the tide in RIM'S favor.

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