Wii U Gets Hulu Plus App With 'Innovative Second-Screen Experience'

22 November 2012, 12:51 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Hulu announced on Tuesday, Nov. 20, that it has teamed up with Nintendo to bring its Hulu Plus app to the popular Wii U console.

Much like the Netflix service on the Wii U, the Hulu Plus app aims to take advantage of the GamePad, which will now play an integral role in the viewing experience. Hulu Plus users can watch shows on their television, enjoying a big screen, while the Wii U's GamePad will display information on various topics, including the show or episode the user is watching.

Moreover, users can also watch Hulu content directly on the GamePad screen while they step away from the TV, so there'll be no more missing precious minutes of a show when going to the bathroom or kitchen. To do so, users simply have to tap the proper icon on the bottom of the screen. Users can also use the GamePad to view the timeline and edit options such as captions and playback quality, and they can also queue up another episode or show to watch on the television.

"Nintendo's Wii U offers developers like us an exciting opportunity to build an innovative second screen experience for you through the versatile Wii U GamePad controller," said Hulu. "The Hulu Plus integration with the Wii U GamePad is one of my favorite features - it allows you to quickly discover more information about your favorite shows while simultaneously watching them on your big screen at home. The console's second screen controller also enables you to take the TV viewing experience with you to another room in the house with just the click of a button.

The Nintendo Wii U itself just launched on Sunday, Nov. 18. The company had promised a slew of entertainment features for the console, including a television programming handling through a service called TVii, but most of the features were not available at launch.

Nintendo plans to deliver the rest of the promised features in the coming weeks. Aside from Netflix, the Wii U's streaming offering was slightly disappointing, but the Hulu Plus addition should help bolster the console's appeal.

To get Hulu working on the Wii U, users will have to download an update. To do so, simply launch the app from the Wii U home screen.

Lastly, the Hulu app on the Nintendo Wii U is also introducing the new Hulu Kids section, allowing the younger members of the family to browse through more than 43 different commercial-free series. Hulu Plus comes with a $8 monthly fee, but the company is offering a one-week free trial to get Wii U users accustomed to the service.

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