Clove UK Cancels 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Orders Due To Low Demand

30 November 2012, 12:47 pm EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

Earlier in November, UK retailer Clove announced that it was accepting pre-orders for the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, now the online retailer has disclosed that it will no longer be offering the 64GB version, owing to low demand.

At the time of listing the smartphone for £600 and accepting pre-orders, Clove UK had mentioned that it would only stock the black 64GB Galaxy S3 if the pre-order figures were substantial.  Interested buyers could place a pre-order for the "SGS3 Black 64GB" on the retailers Web site and their card would not have been charged.

"At this stage it is not guaranteed that we will range the handset as we will need to place an order for a minimum number of units," noted Clove's blog post at the time. "In two weeks time we will decide whether or not to take stock of the handset based on the number of pre-orders that we have received for the handset."

The two-week trial period is now over and Clove has been unable to generate the desired number of pre-orders, leading to the online retailer's decision to not offer the smartphone.

"A few weeks ago we made the Samsung Galaxy SIII Black 64GB available to pre-order, with the intention of ranging it should the demand be high enough. Unfortunately the number of pre-orders that we received did not meet the minimum required to bring stock into the UK, so we will not be ranging the handset," noted the Clove UK blog post.

Clove apologized to those who had place a pre-order and noted that "the wait will now continue for a handset that offers large internal and external (microSD) storage."  Currently, the pre-order page for the black 64GB Galaxy S3 does not show any price.

The 64GB version of the Galaxy S3 was revealed alongside the 16GB and 32GB variants earlier this year. However, the 64GB version has been unable to make its way to UK stores with no carriers or high street retailers offering the variant. 

With Clove UK also canceling, customers in the UK have been left high and dry. Whether the 64GB Galaxy S3 will hit the UK shelves in the near term is anybody's guess.

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