iPhone 5 Cases Meant For Self Defense: Our Top Picks

4 December 2012, 9:59 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

Apple's iPhones are among the most popular smartphones sold in the market and with demand for the iPhone (thanks to iPhone 5) on the increase, many third-party vendors have come up with a wide variety of mobile cases. Users generally buy cases that reflect their personality, but some iPhone cases that are on offer serve a more practical purpose as well viz. in providing personal defense solutions.

Here are our top four deadly iPhone 5 cases which are meant to help in self defense i.e. they will surely come handy if thieves try to snatch/steal your shiny new device.

1.Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case also acts as a stun gun. The case has the ability to delivers 650 thousand volts of electricity to an assailant, brutally dropping them to the ground. Furthermore, the case extends the life of the iPhone 5 by up to 20 hours.

The case is sold for $139.99 and users will have to pre-order the iPhone 5 case with an expected delivery time of Q1 2013.

2.Task One

The Task One case has a "Swiss Army Knife". The case offer its user 16 tools, including a knife, sawblade, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, allen wrenches, wire strippers, a ruler and a bottle opener. The case also has a kickstand for the iPhone.

The Task One case comes in gray, red, black, and orange. The starting price of the case is $75 but price depends on color. Expected delivery time is April 2013 and it is available for iPhone 4/4S as well as iPhone 5.


The Spraytect case holds a small canister of pepper spray. The case comes in white, black, turquoise, and pink and it doubles as a handy stand. The case is sold in the U.S. for $39.95 and is currently available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S only. Plans are on to make the case for iPhone 5 too.


The Knucklecase turns the iPhone into deadly brass knuckles. The case comes in chartreuse, gold, pink, silver, black, and camo colors. The Knucklecase is made only for iPhone 5 and price varies depending on the color. The starting price is $79.

This product is to be used only as a handle and protective accessory for an iPhone," states the official Web site.

If you are looking for a new iPhone 5 case will you buy any of the above-mentioned ones?

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