Cut The Rope Creator Reveals 'Pudding Monsters': What You Need To Know

5 December 2012, 11:18 am EST By Prarthito Maity Mobile & Apps

Russian developer ZeptoLab is at it again. The developer of the highly popular mobile game 'Cut The Rope' is back in the news with the impending arrival of a yet new game for iOS and Android – 'Pudding Monsters.'

In the game, the player must stick together unsteady single-eyed blobs of pudding into larger puddings, said Chief Executive Misha Lyalin.

"They want to find the evil, bad man who steals their friends," he added.

“From the makers of Cut the rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure, with wacky characters and innovative stick'-em-together game-play,” the game’s official page states. “Sticky, curious...and determined to get bigger.”

A quick teaser trailer has been provided below, and while the video doesn't yet show any real gameplay, gamers can probably guess what this new physics-based game is about – a bunch of cute little monsters moving around a level towards a goal. According to ZeptoLab, these cute little creatures can be put together and there will be different types with different abilities as well.

'Pudding Monsters' is yet another puzzle solving game, with the overlying objective being to come together to save the “dessert” friends from the evil refrigerator owner. As for other details of the game, none are available, except that it will be released on the Dec. 20 for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

“It's worth noting that while Chillingo published the original Cut the Rope game, ZeptoLab has chosen not to go with Chillingo for this title (nor did it partner up with Chillingo for the Cut the Rope: Experiments spinoff, either). That's an interesting choice -- most developers we've heard from really appreciate Chillingo's support,” states a Tuaw report.

ZeptoLab are the guys behind the very popular 'Cut the Rope' game that took iOS and Android by storm post release. The game revolved around dropping a candy into a little frog’s mouth, and while it sounds easy, it wasn’t anywhere close to that. As the levels progressed, the sequence of cuts became more and more complicated, as obstructions and objectives kept getting introduced to make it harder.

If 'Cut the Rope' is a standard to go by, one can easily expect 'Pudding Monsters' to be equally cute and challenging.

Check out the video below.

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