Philips Launches iPhone 5 And Lightning Connector Compatible Speakers

8 December 2012, 9:34 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

Philips has followed in JBL's steps to become the second third-party company to provide speakers for Apple's latest Lightning connector compatible devices. Apple revealed at the iPhone 5 launch that the 30-pin connector will give way to the smaller 8-pin Lightning Connector, which means that older accessories are not compatible with the iPhone 5 unless there is an adapter.

Philips claimed that the new range of docking speakers will offer a superior sound performance when compared to the analog processing technology common in current docking speakers.

The latest Philips range will include a music system, two docking speakers, and a bedroom-docking speaker, which is also equipped with a clock display. Customers would expect the speakers to be made available before Christmas; however, Philips has not revealed which retailers will sell the speakers. In the past Phillips' iDevice compatible accessories were sold directly by Apple so it should not come as a surprise if the speakers make their appearance in the Apple Retail and Online Store.

Here are the details of the latest Philips Speakers.

Philips Lifestyle Music System (DCM2067)

This speaker has a slim design sports a retractable Lightning dock, whilst featuring an FM radio and CD player. The dock can also charge iDevice as well. The dock provides 20W RMS power to provide an enhanced sound performance.

Philips Portable Docking Speaker (DS7580)

This speaker is a slim and compact and can fit in a user's bag. The speaker features Philips' wOOx technology that provides a rich and deep bass. Precise tuning between the speaker drivers ensures a smooth transition between low-, mid-, and high-frequencies. The speaker also has a built-in battery that can give around eight hours of music anywhere.

Philips Room to Room Docking Speaker (DS3205)

This Philips Room to Room Docking Speaker is equipped with high-quality neodymium speakers, which has better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality.

Philips Bedroom Docking Speaker (DS1155)

This speaker has a 360-degree design, which provides rich omnidirectional sound. The clock display of the docking speaker also has a clock which automatically syncs with the clock on a user's iDevice. The speaker also includes a USB port at the back of the speaker allowing users to easily charge a second mobile device.

"The new range will be arriving in stores and online this month to purchase and will be priced at $90 for the DS1155 and $130 each for both DS3205 and DS7580, unfortunately no price has been released as yet for the top-of-the-line Lifestyle Music System DMC2067," reported Geeky Gadget.

Are you looking for a speaker for your new iDevice? Will you have any of the latest Philips speakers in your wishlist?

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