Galaxy S4 To Sport An Unbreakable Display?

10 December 2012, 12:29 pm EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

The rumors of the speculated Samsung Galaxy S4 have already started to gather steam, and latest speculation concurs that the Galaxy S4 will sport an unbreakable display.

Many observers have forecasted that Samsung will launch the successor to its flagship Android-powered smartphone, Galaxy S3, in April next year. A Reuters report too asserted that Samsung's Galaxy S4 could be on course to have an unbreakable display.

"Samsung Electronics, the world's leading technology company by revenue, is likely accelerating the launch of its next-generation flagship Galaxy smartphone - which may come with a breakthrough unbreakable screen," reported Reuters.

Rumors have been rife that the purported Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 may feature the flexible display made of glass rather than plastic that is unbreakable.

"Looking to the first half of 2013, we see evidence of Samsung likely accelerating the release of the Galaxy S IV - compared with May (this year) for the Galaxy S III. We believe preparations for volume manufacturing of unbreakable plastic substrate displays continue. All in all, we could see a strong products push in the high-end in the first half, followed by other releases," said Nicolas Gaudois an analyst with UBS.

Samsung fans will be hoping for the Galaxy S4 to make its appearance as soon as possible, and the unique selling point for the Galaxy S4 could well be the unbreakable display.

Samsung is a major supporter of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology and is the top dog amongst manufacturers working on developing unbreakable displays. If OLED displays are implemented on smartphones and tablets then these device will become both unbreakable as well as flexible.

"Eventually, they'll have unbreakable and flexible displays. Either the Galaxy S IV or S V will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014. That's going to be a game-changer," said Mark Newman, an analyst at Stanford Bernstein in Hong Kong.

Codenamed 'Project J', the Galaxy S4 is expected to sport a bigger and better 5-inch display with Full HD resolution. The handset is expected to have a pixels density of 441 pixels per inch (ppi). A powerful quad-core processor is expected to power the smartphone.

The Galaxy S4 is rumored to be equipped with a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The smartphone is expected to get at least 2GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB of internal storage.

The Galaxy S3 was launched in May this year, so smartphone enthusiasts will hope that Galaxy S4 makes its appearance within 12 months, which is in line with the April 2013 launch rumors.

If the rumors of the internal specifications coupled with the unbreakable and flexible display bear fruition, then the Galaxy S4 will have a clear edge over other smartphones in the market. However, we will have to wait and see what 2013 brings in to the smartphone arena.

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