Hungry? Bite Into This Japanese iPhone 5 Case

8 December 2012, 10:29 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Only in Japan: iPhone 5 owners with a healthy appetite and some money to spare can now eat their crunchy iPhone case.

The edible case that supposedly protects the high-end smartphone comes with a $81 price tag, and delivery takes no less than a month. While it's hard to believe that someone who can afford an iPhone 5 would suffer from starvation, the edible case is called the Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case.

It is made from brown rice and salt, and "is literally part food, part phone case...and great in an emergency when you are desperate for a snack," according to the product description.

When it comes to that supposed protection, it basically offers none. Yes, a smartphone case is usually designed to protect the handset, but not this one.

"Please be aware that due to its delicate nature, this case may become broken in the delivery or dispatch process," warns the site selling the case in the U.S. Is this a joke? Well, sort of.

"If you want a case that will provide 100% protection, don't get this one," adds the product description. "It's literally made of rice so probably will break if dropped. However, you can always eat it! A tongue-in-cheek design that shows the Japanese obsession with bio tech and cuisine, we just love this!"

The edible cases are handmade by Mariko, an enterprising Japanese businesswoman, which explains why it takes so long to fulfill orders. Senbei are traditional rice crackers, and are typically the snack of choice for older Japanese people. Mariko came up with the Senbei edible iPhone 5 case as a way to extend its appeal to the younger generation as well.

For those wondering if people would actually pay for such a thing, the answer is yes. Regardless of how idiosyncratic, useless, or expensive it may seem to some, plenty of people proved to be very interested in this unique accessory. In fact, people were apparently so interested in the Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case that the site now lists it as sold out. Perhaps the case may become available again once all orders are fulfilled, but don't hold your breath until then.

"I can only make about three good ones a day," Mariko explained.

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