Turn Your iPhone And iPad Into The Ultimate Pokedex For Only $26

11 December 2012, 10:49 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Credit: The Pokemon Company

Pokémon fans everywhere, who are owners of an iPhone or iPad, have reasons to be excited today as they have the option to turn their beloved iDevice into a real Pokedex. The iOS application was first available in Japan, now North Americans and everyone else can join in on the fun.

Collecting Pokémons is never an easy task; in this case, it's not free. The official Pokedex application starts off at $1.99 for the Unova Pokedex (National Pokedex No. 494-647), right there the user has a maximum of 153 Pokémons to stare at in lush animated 3D. Each Pokemon is searchable by name, number, type and ability, so finding your favorite cute monster in the list shouldn't be much of a problem.

After installing the application, fans can purchase the Kanto Pokedex (National Pokedex No. 001-151). For players who have been playing since the beginning, they will know this Pokedex is the very first one before all else. The Kanto Pokedex should include the likes of Pikachu and other popular first generation Pokémons. The price of the Kanto Pokedex cost $5.99; however, for what is available here, a $0.99 price tag might be more enticing.

Other content for purchase includes the Johto Pokedex (National Pokedex No. 152-251), Hoenn Pokedex (National Pokedex No. 252-386), and Sinnoh Pokedex (National Pokedex No. 387-493) all for the same $5.99 per Pokedex.

Add everything up, and Pokémon trainers are looking at spending $26 in all. For the best trainers, this shouldn't be a problem, for just a few battles could earn them cash. Then again, the cash earned in the Pokémon world cannot be used here, so mom and dad will have to chip in.

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