Find My iPhone App Now Comes With Driving Directions

11 December 2012, 4:11 pm EST By Cory Orlando Mobile & Apps

Apple has made an extremely useful new addition to its Find My iPhone software that is featured on the iOS device. Apple users can now get driving directions to where their lost devices are located.

The old software was only able to give you a visual of where exactly the lost device was, but now it shows your device as a point of interest on the map with an option to get driving direction by tapping the car icon that is displayed. Before uses had to guess or estimate where on the map the pinpoint was showing. This feature will also come in hand if something gets stolen and you need to contact the police, giving them a more specific location then just the name of the street.

Recently, because of this app, arrests were made in connection with armed robbery cases in both California and Georgia. The only thing that is stopping this from being a flawlessly great app is that the person who stole the device can disable the feature to locate the device. No security passcode is required for someone to turn off the location services which then make it much harder for you to locate the device.

Another problem that lies within the Find My iPhone app is that you need to have another iOS device that has the application for you to locate where your device is. Driving directions are also of not much use if all you can do is look up the directions instead of actually using them on your phone to take you to where the lost device is located.

Nonetheless, despite its drawbacks, the app is pretty useful. Forgetting or thinking you have lost your iPhone is one of the worst feelings you can get. But if used properly, you can safely retrieve your phone without panic. From another iOS device you can also send a message in case someone finds your phone so that he can call you.

However, there's one thing to note - only iOS 6 users will be able to use this feature as it is still not available on iOS 5.

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