iPhone Smart Dock Lumawake Misses Kickstarter Funding Goal, Runs Own Crowdsourcing Campaign

14 December 2012, 9:51 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Lumawake is a one-of-a-kind smart docking station for iPhone, aiming to provide a more natural and pleasant way to wake up: it simulates the sunrise.

Lumawake was created by a team of San Diego-based engineers and designers, but the project could not raise its funding goal through the popular crowdsourcing network site Kickstarter.

Instead of giving up, the project creators decided to continue fighting for their cause and came up with their own way to collect the necessary funds for Lumawake: via the company's Web site. While Kickstarter is more popular, the new strategy provided a perk that the crowdsourcing site couldn't have offered: backers will not be charged until the product is actually ready to ship.

The company has already managed to raise nearly $114,137 of their $150,000 goal with this new model, but time is running out yet again. The project only has only one week left to reach its goal.

Lumawake basically tracks the user's sleep patterns, and is capable of sensing when that pattern has exited the REM phase and has entered light sleep. The company refers to this capability as "sleep hacking." In that light sleep phase, the iPhone smart dock starts to slowly illuminate the room with a soft light, mimicking sunrise. This feature, however, is just the cherry on top of a connectivity cake.

Lumawake's "Smart Home Connectivity" enables the dock to sense when the user falls asleep, and turn off any lights or television the user might have left on. The smart dock can even be programmed to drip coffee and turn on the morning news when it senses the user has woken up. In other words, Lumawake seems to be sort of a "smart-device" central station, allowing users to synchronize the dock with various other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Basically, the Lumawake iPhone smart dock aims to fit the user's lifestyle as best as it can. For instance, the user can even customize the color of the gadget's interior LEDs. Lumawake may not suit everyone's needs and taste, but plenty of people would likely be willing to pay the $149 reserve fee if the device actually manages to make waking up easier.

"No more fumbling for your charger in the dark. Lumawake is smart enough to sense your approach & will light the way for you," touts the company. "The swiveling connector & back support were engineered to fit any case, from thick to thin or none at all. One handed docking is a breeze."

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