Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis mLogic mLink Adds RAID Storage & Video Capture To Macs

15 December 2012, 8:48 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

mLogic has launched a new drive designed for Apple's Mac systems, aiming to provide a Thunderbolt expansion chassis through the new mLink.

The tiny mLogic Thunderbolt extension box looks like a cool, sleek addition to a Mac, but it packs some heavy tech under the hood to give the system a serious boost.

The mLink connects to any Mac with a thunderbolt port, and allows users to install PCIe cards, a nifty ability that Mac Minis and MacBooks lack. The ability to install a half-length PCIe board opens up a whole range of new possibilities, such as RAID storage, high speed networking, RAID controllers, Fibre Channel and audio/video capture cards directly to Thunderbolt connection equipped Mac laptops and desktops.

The new mLogic mLink Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis sports a number of useful features, including two high-performance 10Gbit/second Thunderbolt ports, support for daisy-chaining up to six Thunderbolt peripherals, and a small form factor. The small Thunderbolt extension box measures just 8.1 x 2.75 x 5.9 inches, but the tiny package hides some hardcore power.

Furthermore, the mLink expansion chassis also comes with a quiet smart-blower for optimal cooling and, according to mLogic, it has been designed to conserve energy by turning on an off according to the Mac it is connected to.

"mLink uses Thunderbolt technology to link PCIe cards to Macs without slots," said mLogic CEO Roger Mabon, according to the press release. "Professional workflows can now be realized with all-in-one and laptop computers. mLink provides this game changing functionality in a truly portable form factor."

mLogic LLC designs and markets innovative peripherals for Apple's desktops and portable computers. The California-based company has an extensive product portfolio, which includes computer backup and docking solutions, as well as products employing the new high-speed Thunderbolt interface.

Like every Thunderbolt accessory, however, the new mLink expansion chassis comes with a price to match. Performance always comes at a price, and the mLink box itself, with no PCIe card, comes with a $400 price tag.

mLogic's mLink Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis is currently available for purchase from authorized mLogic resellers and from the company's Web site.

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