Facebook's New iOS App Is Now Faster Than Before

16 December 2012, 11:00 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

Facebook users on iOS can now enjoy a faster experience of the social networking site with its updated app.

On Friday, Dec. 13, Facebook launched an updated version of its app with which users can now choose an album when uploading photos, news feed loads more quickly, and a rebuilt timeline opens faster on iPhones.

Facebook made a shift from using HTML5 to Objective-C programming language in August this year which improves opening time of a new page to scrolling down through a newsfeed. Overall response time of the Web site also improved with the shift of the programming language.

Using HTML5 means that Facebook can deploy changes quickly across platforms including iOS, Android, and its Web app. HTML5-based Facebook apps means that there were fewer updates pushed to its users, and incremental changes could be tested with fewer complications. However, using HTML5 compromises on speed and performance, which is more important to users.

"HTML5 hasn't been entirely dropped from the app 'for areas within the app where we anticipate making changes more often,' a Facebook software engineer wrote in August. And the latest update might make you forget about the social network's former oversights," reported Digital Trends.

Facebook users find that while browsing through their News Feed there are minimal delays with photos and text appearing on the screen. With rapid flipping of News Feeds users found that the images and text were not able to keep up with the pace and caused display of blank posts. However, these delays will be minimized with the update.

Facebook also updated its Android app on the same day before the iOS app was released. The current trend finds that more and more people are using their smartphone for browsing the Internet and visiting social media sites on the go. To keep pace with the current market requirement Facebook had to update its mobile apps to give a faster browsing experience.

Users can download the updated Facebook app (version 5.3) for free from iTunes

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