Minimal Effect Of Google Maps App On iOS 6's Adoption Rate: Reports

17 December 2012, 1:02 pm EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

The much-anticipated Google Maps app for the latest iOS 6 made its appearance on Apple App Store a few days back. Many iFans had held back to update to iOS 6 in the expectation of Google Maps app arriving on iOS 6 soon; however, reports suggest that the adoption rate of iOS 6 has been minimal since the app was launched recently.

Report released by data analytics firm Chitika shows that the average number of iOS 6 users went up from 72.77 percent when Google Maps was released at midnight ET on Dec. 13 to 72.94 percent on Dec. 14. Chitika monitors web traffic from the ad impressions on its own network to determine how many users are active on a given platform. 

The launch of iOS 6 brought Apple's own mapping app which had faced harsh criticism since its launch. The embarrassment of the mapping app was so extensive that the Cupertino tech-giant had to release an apology statement and ask users to get alternative mapping apps.

iOS 6's adoption rate reached between 60 to 70 percent in October this year but the growth remained did not increase heavily later on. Many observers believe that the adoption rate of iOS 6 did not increase further as many users wanted the Google Maps to make its way to iOS 6. However, the triumphant return of Google Maps on the latest iOS has seen the adoption rate of iOS 6 to increase marginally.

Apple has already started to fix its own mapping app but many users may have lost trust on Apple's mapping app and may not use it even if the company totally fixes the app.

iOS 6 iPhone users can download the free version of the Google Maps directly from iTunes. Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 6 yet, and have you got the latest Google Maps on your iPhone? 

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