iPhone's Camera Gets Manual Controls With SnappGrip

22 December 2012, 9:40 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

iPhone users who take a lot of pictures from their smartphone can soon get manual camera controls with the help of SnappGrip, an iPhone case-cum-manual camera control.

"SnappGrip provides camera controls for smartphones. The snappgrip controller mounts to a protective phone case so that you can conveniently attach it when you want to use your handset for some serious photography," states Kickstarter.com.

SnappGrip, the combination of smartphone case and camera handle, adds finger grip to an iPhone. SnappGrip snaps onto a matching iPhone case and communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Once fitted to the iPhone, the whole unit gives a user, the feel of holding a camera.

On the top of the accessory, some case users will find a shutter button, a zoom jog dial, and a mode selector. Users will find a tripod mount underneath the unit, a USB port for charging, and the on-off switch.

The SnappGrip controller gives access to real shooting, which includes a Shutter - full press to take a picture and half press to focus. The mode selector has portrait, landscape, flash, and video modes. Users can also zoom-in and zoom-out using SnappGrip.

"Stylish, pocketable and convenient, snappgrip is the phone accessory you can carry every day to take advantage of your phone's camera capabilities," notes Kickstarter.com.

SnappGrip is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, as well as Samsung Galaxy S3 and the SnappGrip app will be available for both iOS and Android. Users can get SnappGripp in Silver/Black, Silver/White/Brown, and limited edition gold plated Kickstarter edition. The product will also have micro USB for charging and 60 hours standby time.

SnappGrip is currently not available for sale but is expected to hit shelves in February 2013 i.e. if it meets its fundraising target by the deadline. The product currently has 104 backers on Kickstarter.com and has raised £2,303, whereas the pledged goal is £18,000 with 38 days more to go. Pricing of the product is also unknown.

Do you take a lot of pictures from your iPhone and looking for manual controls for ease of use? Do you think that SnappGrip will take smartphone photography to a different level?

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