Samsung Galaxy S3 Units Dying Out?

22 December 2012, 10:19 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

This news is bound to cause a bit of stir among all Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Per reports, for some apparent reason the Galaxy S3 units are dying out much ahead of their time, and, as of now, there are no reasons as to why this is happening.

A number of Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets are crashing for no reason, and are refusing to reboot. More precisely, the problem is emerging about 150-200 days after activation.

To be more direct: “Tl;Dr – S3 mainboards dying for no reason, Samsung replacing mainboards for free, but no new hardware revision so it might just happen again”, says a post on Reddit. Moreover, there are also other speculations that are mentioning a probable fault with the phone’s NAND memory that is giving up midway down the phone’s life.

“The XDA thread has 56 pages (so far) of people whose mainboards have suddenly died. The devices seem to last between 150 and 200 days before failing,” another post reads. “Samsung are replacing them under warranty whether or not people have rooted the devices or installed non-standard firmware.”

There's an ongoing speculation at the moment that the phone’s NAND is becoming corrupted and failing and Samsung is "replacing the mainboards with the same revision so this may just be putting the problem off for another 6 months or so.”

The problem got highlighted more when Reddit user TurtleRecall stated that the problem affected his S3 last week, although he never rooted or installed anything other than the official 3UK Samsung firmware, starting with Ice Cream Sandwich, and then moving on to the latest Android Jelly Bean refresh.

TurtleRecall adds that although Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged that there's an issue “but both the guy I spoke to in the authorised repair centre and the chap in the Samsung warranty call centre have said they've seen this issue a lot lately.”

It seems Samsung is aware of the problem and is doing the right thing by replacing them under the warranty, without any questions asked. Moreover, even if the phone is rooted and user has installed non-standard firmware, the Korean based manufacturer is more than willing to replace the faulty device.

Nonetheless, some users still feel that the replaced components will also give way after a while, but that’s just a speculation. Needless to say, the best-selling Galaxy S3 is definitely a robust smartphone.

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