Swiftkey Android Keyboard Gets Version 3.1 Update, 50% Price Cut

23 December 2012, 9:23 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: a.burlacu@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Popular mind-reading keyboard SwiftKey has just received a significant update, adding a slew of new languages, a new theme, some fixes and other tweaks.

The update hit the Google Play store as v3.1.0.377, and is available for both the smartphone and tablet versions of the app. New languages include Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Irish, Macedonian, Latin American Spanish, and Tagalog, and the update also brings improved language pack downloads. Other tweaks with the new update include improved key layouts for some keyboards, general bug fixes, as well as a split keyboard layout for "normal-sized" devices.

SwiftKey uses a mix of artificial intelligence technologies to predict what word the user wants to type next. The app's ability to learn the users' typing habits and incorporate words beyond the standard dictionary has turned Swiftkey into a real hit app among Android users, and the new update aims to build on that success.

"Each language model is much more than a dictionary-like list of words," said the app developers. "To be able to offer unrivalled accuracy and next word predictions, SwiftKey's models understand the way words work together. They are built by analyzing enormous amounts of language data drawn from across the Internet."

"Hindi and Hinglish were produced by analyzing and filtering content from sources such as the .in web domain in India. Using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, SwiftKey can understand the context of what a user is writing."

"In addition to the language models, which enable SwiftKey to intelligently predict next words and correct your input, the app continually learns a user's individual writing style as they type. Users can further personalize SwiftKey by syncing it with their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog presences."

SwiftKey v3.1.0.377 Changelog Roundup:


  •  New Berry theme
  •  New supported languages (as listed above)
  •  Split keyboard for normal-sized devices
  •  Improved in key layouts on some keyboards
  •  Improved language pack downloads
  •  Bug fixes for some issues that forced the app to close.

Users can download the SwiftKey 3 keyboard at this link, and the SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard at this link. And because the holidays are just around the corner, the keyboard is currently on sale, 50 percent off. For a limited time, users can grab either the tablet or the phone version of SwiftKey for $1.99.

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