CamTap Tweak Removes 'Slide To Unlock' Option From iPhone's Lock Screen

24 December 2012, 10:24 am EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Android smartphone users get to customize their lock screen. So why should iPhone users be stuck with the 'slide to unlock' option? Welll, there's some good news - the CamTap jailbreak is one of the few tweaks which will enable iPhone users to change the way the lock screen appears on their iDevice.

CamTap is a new jailbreak tweak that gives a different look to the lock screen on the iPhone. If you don't want the 'slide to unlock' option on your iPhone's lock screen then a small CamTap tweak can do the work for you.

The CamTap jailbreak tweak removes the 'slide to unlock' bar from your lock screen and replaces it with a centered camera icon. Once the tweak has been installed on the iPhone, it appears that there is no way to unlock the smartphone, but users can unlock the screen with a simple swipe on the screen.

Users can also tap on the centered camera icon to launch the smartphone's camera.

"CamTap v1.0-1 tweak for simplify your cluttered lockscreen interface. Remove the 'slide to unlock' bar completely, and perfectly center the camera grabber on your devices lock bar. Pull the camera grabber up to unlock your device, tap the grabber to quickly launch the camera. CamTap deb provides you with the quickest and most intuitive way to control your device from lockscreen and camera," per

CamTap 1.0-1 is available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for free and supports iOS 5 or higher. The CamTap download is a .DEB file extension and will need a jailbroken iPhone. gives full details on how to install a .DEB file on your iPhone.

Do you like the default settings you get with your iPhone or do you like jailbreaking your iPhone to suit your personal taste?

Check out the video below on how your iPhone lock screen will appear after you have downloaded the CamTap tweak.

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