Top 3 Christmas Gifts: Galaxy S3, iPhone, And iPad, Reveals Study

25 December 2012, 7:47 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

A recent study conducted by mobile app Thumb has found that the Galaxy S3, iPhone, and iPad are the most discussed Christmas gifts this season. The study is an indication of the popularity of these best-selling devices, but does not suggest that they will be the most purchased products of the season but are potential popular gift choices.

Thumb is a mobile app that enables users to gather opinions from others. The app looked at 250,000 opinions for the study, of which more than 21 percent were Christmas related. Thumb also created a special holiday category to ascertain what were the main topics that people were interested in and wanted to know more about.

Per a NextWeb report, the Thumb survey reveals that "this year, more people have been asking about the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone, and the iPad. And although there has been much discussion about it, it isn't a sign that these devices will be the most purchased items of the year - it could be that people are torn between getting an Android device versus an iOS one."

The Thumb survey also revealed that users were 14 times more likely to ask questions pertaining to gifts for their boyfriend or husband vis-à-vis girlfriend or wife. Additionally, women asked 40 percent more questions about shopping than men, which could indicate that shopping for men is more difficult.

The Thumb mobile app works very similarly to services like Localmind and Polar; however, the app claims that owing to its "crazy engagement and speed" it is better. With Thumb, a user can pose any question and the app will generate a quick response.

Per the company, any question could receive anywhere between 50 to 100 responses with over a dozen coming in within the first two minutes itself. The Thumb app, originally known as Opinonaided, has over 1.2 million registers users and believes that the average user spends close to five hours per month using the app to answer questions.

With several surveys pointing to the popularity of tech gadgets this holiday season, it will be interesting to see if the Christmas shopping trends translate into sales figures for the major players in the consumer market, which will only be revealed once the Q4 2012 financial results are disclosed.

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