Nexus 10 Pogo Charging Cable Sold Out On eBay

26 December 2012, 9:50 am EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Recently, a third-party accessory maker released a Nexus 10 pogo pin charging cable for the Samsung-made Android tablet from Google. The Pogo charging cable was available for purchase via e-retailer eBay for $19.99 (without shipping), but now the site shows that the accessory has sold out.

The Nexus 10 pogo charging cable being retailed by seller "ifsolution" had a total of 54 units up for grabs, but now the eBay page shows that zero units are available.

The Nexus 10 Pogo charging cable selling out in such a short span could well be due to the lack of pogo pin accessories from either Samsung or Google. Since the Nexus 10 was released, the Pogo pins at the bottom of the tablet have remained unused, owing to a lack of accessories that would enable users to take advantage of them.

The cable has apparently been built by MagNector and the listing indicates it is an "authentic" Nexus 10 pogo charging cable. The item is shipped from South Korea and costs $19.99, with an additional $5.99 as shipping charges. The Pogo charging cable will ship from Dec. 28 and is said to be 25 percent faster than regular USB cable that ships with the Nexus 10.

Even though the inventory for the third-party accessory on eBay has presently run out, chances are that the seller will restock soon. Those interested in procuring the Nexus 10 pogo pin charging cable can keep checking the eBay listing frequently for updates.

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