Top 10 Android Apps Of 2012, According To Google

28 December 2012, 4:31 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Google has finally released its own list of apps that made the top on its Google Play app store this past year.

Google Play has an impressive number of categories and apps available, so it's easy to feel lost like a kid in a huge toy store. Some apps are more popular than others, however, and Google wants users to know about them.

Some apps launched this year, while others received updates. Most of these apps are available globally, aiming to deliver a quality user experience on both tablets and smartphones. Here are the top Android apps of the year 2012, according to Google:


The popular note-taking application Evernote for Android has recently received an upgrade to version 4.3, boasting a slew of new features. The latest update to the Evernote app de-clutters the Note Editor toolbar on Android, excluding any stuff that doesn't pertain to editing. Instead, all that stuff is now rearranged into the Action Bars along the top of the note. Users can now style their text, reorganize it with bullets, lists, and checkboxes, all using the toolbar. Meanwhile, tapping on the arrow will hide the toolbar out of sight.


Social bookmarking service Pinterest launched its Android app back in October this year, drawing even more fans. Pinterest for Android "makes it simple and fast to pin," and the makers assure the app was designed to work well on both Android smartphones and tablets, regardless of the device's price, speed, or screen size.

Grimm's Snow White

This is a paid app on Google Play, and is basically an interactive pop-up fairy tale book for children. The classic tale will take children on an adventure with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, trying to escape the evil queen.


The offline reader Pocket allows users to save articles for later reading, among other things. The app syncs to a user's device, so if users find something worth reading online, but want to read it later, they can put it in Pocket.


This popular Android app allows users to book hotels and flights at their convenience, straight from their Android device. The Expedia app received an update last month, allowing users to book flights on their phones. Users can also browse through photos of the deals available near them.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express has made it to Google's list as well, as it is a popular app that allows users to do some pretty neat things to their photos. The app packs over 600 effects, overlays, and borders, making it easy for users to personalize their favorite images.


Ancestry is a free app on Google Play and allows users to show off where they come from - literally. The app promises to make it fun and easy to find one's heritage, and allows users to interact with their family tree or build a new one.


While the name itself may not give away much, this Android app aims to help users discover new things, collect items they like, and unlock good deals. According to the app description on Google Play, Fancy is part store, part magazine, and part wishlist.


The official TED for Android app provides users with speeches from some of the most fascinating people in the world - tech geniuses, business gurus, education radicals, music legends, medical mavericks, you name it.

Seriesguide Show Manager

The Seriesguide Show Manager app for Android allows users to manage their progress in watching their favorite TV shows. The app helps users keep track of the show coming up so they know what to watch next.

Needless to mention, there are many, many more apps populating the Google Play app store, and users can find at least one app for virtually every need. Check out Google's list of the top Android apps for 2012 and share your personal favorites.

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