AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Starts Getting Multi-Window Software Update

2 January 2013, 3:36 pm EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Recent news indicated that U.S. carrier AT&T will start rolling out an update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 variant, which would enable customers to use the Multi-Window View feature on the phablet. Now, per reports, Galaxy Note 2 users on the carrier have started receiving the software update, which lets them open two windows on the screen and work on both windows at the same time.

AT&T became the fourth U.S. carrier to push out the software update to Galaxy Note 2 that will bring split-screen, Multi-Window view capability to the 5.5-inch phablet. The Multi-Window feature of the Galaxy Note 2 was initially available only for the Verizon version of the smartphone, and later Sprint and T-Mobile versions received the software update over-the-air (OTA).

The Multi-Window view allows Samsung's phablet to behave similarly to a tablet when it comes to bringing multitasking to the small screen. For instance, users can open a Web browser on one side of the screen and another app on the other side of the screen and view them simultaneously.

As the Galaxy Note 2 features a quad-core processor, the Multi-Window feature is smooth and the transitions are seamless. The Multi-Window View is one of the features of the Galaxy Note 2, which makes the phablet stand out from the crowd.

AT&T announced that customers will start getting the update starting Dec. 27 and many customers have reported that they have received the OTA update.

"Didn't get notified but just checked and it's downloading now here in Chicago. 178MB," reported a user on Android Central.

User experience of the Multi-Window feature is enhanced with the phablet's stylus, the S-Pen. No other phablet currently available in the market features a stylus.

If you are an AT&T Galaxy Note 2 user, let us know whether you've received the update yet and whether you've found it useful.

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