iPhone 5 Cycloramic App Makes The Phone Rotate For 360-Degree Video Capture

28 December 2012, 7:08 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Apple's iPhone has seen some very interesting apps over the years with each one of them having their own special abilities and advantages, providing a unique time to users for hours. Now, it seems like the new Cycloramic app for iPhone 5 is no different.

The uniqueness of the Cycloramic app lies in the fact that it literally makes the phone spin itself. Developed by Egos Ventures, Cycloramic makes the iPhone 5 vibrate in such a manner that it actually spins in a 360-degree circle hands-free, all while recording a video of the surroundings.

"Gathered around a dinner table, in a bar, in a club, at home, at a conference table, or at a historical monument? Cycloramic allows you to capture the moment (hands-free) in a unique and fun way whilst making you and your phone the talk of the event," reads the official description of the app on Cycloramic's Facebook page.

The app makes taking a panoramic video easy and fun. Users will just need to put their iPhone 5 upright on a level surface and choose the number of turns for either the front or the back camera. Next, users will just need to press Go, and this will make the iPhone spin around automatically. Once the process is successfully completed, the video will be saved in the device's library.

The description also states that the app has been specifically designed for the iPhone5 and must be used on a smooth, hard and level surface (like glass, granite, ceramic, laminate wood). Those who are wondering if the app is only made for the iPhone 5, good news for them is that it does open in other iPhones apart from the iPhone 5. However, while the app will indeed open with other iPhones, only the iPhone 5 version will spin around hands-free.

Ever since its release on Dec. 21, Cycloramic has created a lot of enthusiasm around the tech sphere and even boasting Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as one of its fans. Wozniak, who took a video of the app in action, was fascinated by its performance. The video where Wozniak tries out the app in his kitchen is here.

"I shook my head in disbelief as I watched an iPhone 5 spin in a circle -- hands-free -- while standing on end. I was convinced there had to be some sort of special effects or movie magic going on. Obviously this was a prank. Right? Boy was I wrong," Jason Cipriani of CNET wrote.

Cycloramic is currently available in the App Store for $0.99.

Check out the video below

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