Windows Phone Users Create Petition For Google Apps (But Why?)

31 December 2012, 11:27 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Ever since Windows Phone came on the scene back in 2010, Google has chosen to ignore the platform, and only released a lackluster search application that doesn't do Windows Phone justice. Despite that, there are some users who still require Google Apps, and so a petition has been initiated.

The petition's objective is for Google to hear the appeal of the Windows Phone community, rather the smaller section of that community since not many Windows Phone users care much for Google applications anyways. A majority of Windows Phone users are fans of Microsoft, probably the only application these users would want on their device is YouTube. However, there are so many YouTube third-party apps available such as MetroTube, that having an official YouTube client is not necessary.

Windows Phone users do not require Google Maps, because Bing Maps with Nokia Maps data works really well. There are those users who have a fetish for Nokia Maps; however, the app is all hype since satellite view images are of low quality and it takes longer to launch than Bing Maps among other things.

Windows Phone users do not require Google Search. The Bing Search native app works just fine, and it also has voice-enabled search. What about Google Translate? Well, there is a Bing Translate application in the Windows Phone store that does a wonderful job, and it even supports offline translating.

Still, if some users feel the need for Google services on their Windows Phone device, they have all the right to create a petition. To support the petition's effort, sign by clicking here, then cross your fingers in hope that Google will listen to your plea.

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