5 Reasons You Want NFC On Your Mobile Device

1 January 2013, 9:34 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: v.mckalin@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Near Field Communication, otherwise known as NFC, is a simple technology that has been in circulation for quite a long time; however, it was very slow to catch on. With support coming from many companies, now is a good time to look at the future.

Here are our five reasons why you would want NFC.

What is NFC Exactly?

NFC is a simple technology that allows users to share data wirelessly by holding two devices together in close proximity.

1. No More Carrying Around a Wallet

Many smartphones that have NFC built in are able to remember your credit/debit card details. Soon all one would need to do when shopping at a store for items is to simply tap their mobile phone at a NFC point of sale terminal, and make the payment.

2. Traveling Made Easy

Are you a person who regularly takes public transportation? Your NFC-enabled device can act as a contactless travel card by swiping the device across a NFC reader.

3, Sharing Content with Friends and Family

Sharing content with other NFC-enabled devices is probably the top use for NFC right now. By simply tapping both devices together, users can simply transfer photos and videos without much effort. Sure, this is already possible with Bluetooth, but it is not safe enough since hackers are able to intercept your shared files over the air.

4. Streaming Content from One NFC Device to Another

This feature is well known. Companies like Nokia and Google make a big deal about streaming content to NFC-enabled accessories. Users can go out and purchase speakers and other devices to stream music or videos from their smartphone.

5. Sharing Business Cards NFC Style

Don't have your physical business card on you? No problem, just tap your smartphone and send. By tapping two devices together, users can safely share their business card with another person. You no longer need to walk around with a wallet filled with cards, because with NFC, one wouldn't need a wallet in the first place.

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