Nokia Lumia 920T: Second Shipment In China Sold Out In 20 Minutes

1 January 2013, 2:05 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Sometimes too good can be bad. Nokia's inability to produce enough number of Lumia 920T Windows Phone 8 devices could hurt the company as recently, the Nokia store in China got some new shipments and guess what happened? They sold out in 20 minutes.

Not too long ago, the Lumia 920T sold out at the Nokia Chinese store in Shanghai after the handset was launched. Reports claimed the device was sold out in just a matter of two hours, even as hundreds of customers stood outside the store hoping to get their hands on the device. A device selling out in a mere two hours is an indication that there weren't too many to begin with, a problem that came back to haunt Nokia yet again.

The new shipment that came in appears to be a lot less than the first batch, since it all went away in 20 minutes, leaving a long queue of would-be buyers outside wondering if they will ever hold a Nokia Lumia 920T in their hands. Luckily for these consumers, the Nokia store allowed them to leave their information so that they won't miss out on the next batch.

The device has been doing well in China since it launched. Not too long after going on sale, the Nokia Lumia 920T took pole position ahead of the Apple iPhone 5 on Amazon China, and held that postion until stocks sold out.

Nokia has been having problems meeting the demand of the Lumia 920 in every market that it is available in, ever since the much-anticipated device launched back in November. It is not certain how Nokia plans to combat this problem, or if this shortage of supply is just a calculated move by the company. Nokia has been in the business of shipping phones for a very long time, and one would think getting atop supply problems would be easy, which increases the likelihood of this being be a calculated move on part of the company.

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