Samsung Continues To Prove Size Matters With Galaxy Note 2 Selling Over 1 Million Units In Korea

5 January 2013, 7:32 am EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Size matters and Samsung has sold millions of phablets to prove it, especially Galaxy Note 2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 just sold over one million units in Korea, adding a million more to the over 5 million the device has sold globally, which Samsung revealed at the end of November. It's just another another title under its belt - Samsung is seeing unprecedented popularity in the phablet category it created with the launch of the original Galaxy Note and there's a reaon why.

Steve Jobs famously said, "no one's going to buy a big phone, you can't get your hands around it" at the press conference Apple help during the iPhone 4 "antennagate." Steve was off by millions judging from the success of not just smartphones with 4-inch-plus screens (including the iPhone 5 Apple launched this year) but devices sporting 5-inch -plus screens like the 5.3-inch display found on the original Galaxy Note and the 5.5-inch screen found on the Galaxy Note 2. People do want larger devices even if they can't fit their hands around them, the millions of purchased large screen devices show consumers can wrap their heads and more importantly, their wallets around the idea of big phones.

With MK's report of one million Galaxy Note 2 sales in Korea alone, the smartphone maker's Galaxy Note smartphone series is only going to get bigger and bigger. Sales of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones continues to accelerate and Samsung is on pace to sell over 10 million units alone of the Galaxy Note 2 in its first four to five months of being on the market. This puts the Galaxy Note 2 at a sales pace of about twice the number of sales in the same period compared to the original Galaxy Note, which sold 10 million units in its first 10 months on the market.

Samsung still sells the original Galaxy Note and recently announced that it would be releasing Android Jelly Bean and the Samsung Premium Suite Upgrade to its first phablet. This should only continue sales of the first-generation Galaxy Note since customers see that Samsung is committed to releasing updates and enhanced features on older devices and putting them on par with Samsung's latest smartphones. More companies should take note (no pun intended) to Samsung's philosophy of continuing to innovate even on older devices.

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