Hackulous: iOS Piracy Community Forum Shuts Down

4 January 2013, 9:22 am EST By Sumit Passary email: s.passary@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Apple has a reason to smile - Hackulous, the cracked app community for iOS, has shut down abruptly.

Hackulous closed down along with Apptrackr, which was a web-based index of cracked apps, and Installous, an app that was used to transfer cracked apps to iOS devices.

"We are very sad to announce that Hackulous is shutting down. After many years, our community has become stagnant and our forums are a bit of a ghost town. It has become difficult to keep them online and well-moderated, despite the devotion of our staff. We're incredibly thankful for the support we've had over the years and hope that new, greater communities blossom out of our absence," per the official close down statement released by Hackulous.

Many in the jailbreak and cracked app community are not buying the story, noting that Hackulous still had many users. The Installous app was allegedly generating a lot of revenue for the team, as advertisements were served to users every time they performed an app-related action in the software.

TorrentFreak reports that it tried to contact the administrator of Hackulous for a statement but the e-mails bounced back. TorrentFreak also reports that in the past, the administrator of Hackulous has advocated the need for users to be able to try out apps before purchasing them.

"We did manage to speak to two other people familiar with the sites' operations and they told us they were surprised at the decision due to a number of factors," reported TorrentFreak.

Hackulous had a large number of subscribers and was reported to be well moderated. However, the close down statement on the Web site which cites the forum becoming a "ghost town" seem a bit contradictory.

Recently, Apple launched the iOS 6 which is yet to be jailbroken. Reports indicate that iOS 6 could be very difficult to jailbreak as Apple is putting stringent codes, which will ward off hackers who are trying get into iOS 6. The increased security in iOS 6 could be another reason why Hackulous has closed down.

Whatever be the reason, Hackulous will be sorely missed by many in the iOS apps community. RIP, Hackulous.

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