Samsung Galaxy S4 To Be 9.1 mm Thick, Will Come With S-Pen?

1 January 2013, 7:03 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Smartphones from Samsung have always been surrounded by rumors before their actual release. This time, rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature an S-pen stylus. The rumors also suggest that the device will be 9.1 mm in thickness.

Samsung has already shown the quality and performance of its S-pen stylus in its previous models - Galaxy Note and Note 2.

According to a Korean Web site Enuri, the Galaxy S4 will come with a 5 inch AMOLED display, which according to a Russian website Rozetked, will be called 'Grand AMOLED Display'.

The phone will also be equipped with a full HD 1080×1920 resolution, quad-core processor, a frequency of 2.0 MHz, and a 13-megapixel camera.

The biggest rumored feature of the new phone is the laser keyboard. Though the technology is in use for some years, it has not been implemented in any smartphone so far.

The Galaxy S4 is expected to come into the market in April this year with rumored Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.

Samsung fans, waiting for the next generation phone to arrive, would be disappointed if the rumored thickness comes true with the phone's release.

The Galaxy S3 is 8.6 mm thick and users expect its successor to be lighter and thinner. However, Samsung fans should be optimistic about the thickness as the company can put more and effective hardware in the body.

With the release of Galaxy S4, Samsung can challenge Apple's upcoming iPhone - 5S. The iPhone 5S is expected to come with improved features of iPhone 5.

If Apple doesn't change the design and the screen, Samsung will gain an upper hand with Galaxy S4. Presently, iPhone 5 comes with a 4 inch Retina display, and Samsung's 5 inch 'Grand AMOLED Display' will definitely give tough time to Apple.

Galaxy S4's camera will also be a key feature in competition with iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5 features only 8-megapixel camera, so the 13-megapixel camera rumored to grace Galaxy S4 will surely be the winner.

Watch the created video of Samsung Galaxy S4 here.

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